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BDS 435: Second Cheeks The Charm

Rod, Justin, and Karen discuss Brittney Griner arrested in Russia, Calvin Ridley gambling suspension, Baker Mayfield drama, Annie Agar old tweets, Russell Westbrook vs Skip Bayless, Robert Griffin’s book canceled, Jay-Z fought for halftime show, Kyrie makes stepmom his agent, Aaron Rodgers still with Shailene, 49ers fan comes out of 5 week coma, Jerry Jones might have a new daughter, Naomi Osaka brought to tears by heckler, Maralee wants more child support, Dwight Howard’s kid got issues, PJ Washington’s new boo is messy, Mike Bites, soccer player kicks cat, Daniil Medvedev may have to denounce Putin, Matt Ryan’s sister gets spicy on the bird, Steve Smith calls out Mayfield, Ken Griffey Jr still getting paid, Pete Alonso, KD tells fan to STFU, Paul Pierce’s raunchy IG post and Nets fined 50K for letting Kyrie in locker room.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jan Snyder,

    I hope all is well.

    I don’t know what’s more incredible: the Cavs have actually been really good this season or that after beating the Orlando Tragic the Cavs locked up their first winning season without LeBron James since 1998. It has been a pleasant surprise to see the Cavs when three-fourths of the roster ain’t hurt out here *ballin*. Kevin Love’s old ass might even win 6th Man of the Year! Did the Hornets or any other teams y’all see this year surprise you?

    Given Anthony Davis still being Mr. Glass, Russell Westbrook playing exactly the same as he always has (shouts out to you, Karen, for calling that shit from a lightyear away) and the multi mile long chasm between LeBron James and the rest of these sorry niggas: if LeBron James wins the scoring title, is this the first Ain’t My Fault All-Star *season* we’ve ever seen?

    That HBCU segment on “Game Theory” was fucking excellent and legit something I’d been wondering about for a minute now with HBCU football. I especially liked how Bo straight up said that making money the NCAA way is incongruent with the actual purpose of HBCUs. Hearing that out loud was dope cuz it ain’t a perspective I’ve heard from other folks before. Especially not since it’s felt like there’s been an uptick in folks who want 4 and 5 star athletes to go to HBCUs so the schools can make more money. I don’t all the way have the language to properly say how much I fucked with that segment, but to be clear, I fucked heavy with that segment and the message.

    How y’all feel about the Duke-UNC game?

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thanks as always for the work y’all do!

    Peace, Dough

  2. rodimusprime

    I’m just writing in to say what up to my man Rod and all the Carolina fans out there. No one expected our boys to make it to the Final Four this year, but Damn-it here we are! I’m both excited and nervous about this game against Dook tomorrow, but I’m confident that Hubert will have the boys ready to end the Dark Lord’s career, and then go on to win it all. Let’s get it! Go Heels!

    L Brothers

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