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2510: The Groom

Rod and Karen recap The Walking Dead.

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  1. HvyWght

    At first, I wasn’t even sure that weapons had actually been taken, I thought Hornsby was lying about the entire thing. I’m also a bit confused, did the cult have the guns or not? When the leader was questioned before he was killed, he made it sound like they found the weapons but didn’t kill the people (which we now know who DID kill them). Also, even some highly rated body armor is susceptible to knife point. If you know where the breaks are, you can get between em. Their armor seems bite proof, but zombie fingers are basically bone daggers! If enough of em are grabbing on you, one of em gonna find a break point. I definitely agree with y’all, I think Sebastian’s question was a veiled threat against the kids and he changed his tune when that knife came out. I haven’t wanted someone in the show to die this bad since Jared was fuckin w/ Morgan and shot Benjamin. Rick and Morgan killed Jared and every last one of them Saviors after they escaped from Hilltop cause of Henry. Daryl shoulda learned that lesson. Love your recaps!

  2. mizzbarnes

    That woman is too dangerous because not only she got ALL the guns, she pissed with Maggie and then Daryl……pissed with Maggie, first and foremost! Second, she is patient and will take her time to strike. We are about to see Leah unleashed….scary!

  3. logan2x1

    As bad ass as that would be if she took everyone on solo, it just wouldn’t seem like the smart thing to do. Unless like someone else said abs she finds a way to infiltrate and go all Killmonger on the commonwealth. But I think Leah’s in a new group.

    Also do you think Negan was worried about his wife being with Maggie, because he thought Maggie might harm her out of revenge?


    • HvyWght

      That was my thought. I don’t think he wanted to tell her Maggie might hurt her and ruin their ability to work together, but I genuinely feel his concern when he radioed her was Maggie

  4. RamseyDeeJenkins

    This second half of the season has been good! Daryl might take Sebastian, owt, or Assassin Carol will take that boy owt! I totally forgot about Daryl letting Rambo Leah loose.

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