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2509: The Pursuit Of Slappyness

Rod and Karen discuss Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars because he’s a bad boy for wife.

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    Pretty much everyone has said everything I’ve thought about it. I feel bad for Will, I also feel bad for Chris Rock. A lot of shit went down that night, but both guys showed that, it doesn’t matter how rich & famous you are, you can lose it. As someone who’s in his head all the time, I know what it feels like to lose your cool. Everybody does. Hope he & Chris get the help they need. Rock had it coming, but after reading about his non-verbal learning disorder, yeah, it’s all a lot. Best of luck to all parties.

  2. DeeCee

    There have been numerous comedians who call themselves edgy that feel something like this puts them in danger. I think don’t anyone should commit violence, but what makes them edgy. I remember a couple years ago in Europe someone wrote something that people felt offended Allah and the next thing you know the paper that published that article was bombed. I think the people who published that knew violence was a possibility but they did it anyway. That was brave on their part and edgy this incident is not to that extent. But do the same things that made a comedian edgy back in the day still apply in 2022.

  3. mizzbarnes

    Man, this whole thing is a tough call. I mean, I have been that mad and my skin is paper thin when it comes to certain subjects. However, Chris was at the job, doing his job and him deciding if he should engage this ‘nigga moment’ (shout out to The Boondocks). My timeline has been the whole ghetto with the worst of hot takes, so I made the sign of the cross on my phone and ipad and closed it. I was so glad that you and Karen had a thoughtful discussion with excellent points. You both did not disappoint and thank you both so much!

  4. HvyWght

    In my experience, I find most adults are adverse to real violence. Having worked security at enough “Urban” venues, the type of grown ups that are really about that slap-a-nigga Life aren’t the ones writing think pieces on Twitter. Hell, even being trained to handle it, I still prefer to de-escalate cause what I have to lose far outweighs what I have to gain. That’s why I Loved seeing Chris eat that slap, supress his urge to swing back, AND swallow all the comebacks that I’m sure came to his mind with “…I could…whooo…okay.”

  5. trey_swindu744

    Thanks for doing an episode on this slap incident Rod and Karen!

    All I can say about this situation is that Will had a human moment at one of the worst times ,when he was about to have one of the greatest times (winning his first Oscar) in his career. Now I don’t agree with the action of slapping Chris – to me just cussing him out is effective enough but “to each his own “ lol. I totally agree with everyone who is worried about Will but it also showed HE IS HUMAN like the rest of us . Unfortunately his actions weren’t the right move but to quote Rock “ I understand it though!”

    But we all need to also admit that people try us sometimes each and everyday and it’s a struggle to not to want to check that person . Not condoning any physical violence. But I completely understand Will’s frustration with himself in that moment . In the end you have to find a way to either – walk away, meditate, scream in your car,breathe through it, tell yourself affirmations or plainly get some fresh air or do whatever ,so you don’t lose that part of yourself.

    Also I can’t agree enough with the black folks who told white folks not to get involved because we all knew they would take it “there” and I like clockwork they took it “there”lol Everybody involved in this situation is black even the producers it’s not about y’all white America.

    Thanks again Rod and Karen
    Trey _ swindu744

  6. logan2x1

    I love y’all!
    Thanks for covering this, you were one of the top podcasts I was looking forward to hearing discuss this.
    Overall I think everyone involved will come out ok. If there’s any positives to this, folks sure the hell know what alopecia is now!
    I also don’t care to hear what white people have to save about it. I’m like that Joann the Scammer clip “All the white people to the back! Immediately!”
    There are more than enough nuanced Black opinions on this and folks are getting dragged if Black Twitter deems it the wrong one, virtual bodies everywhere!
    We’ll see if this becomes a “when a keeping it real goes wrong” moment or not.
    I also appreciate the civil discussions some of us are having. Today I finally realized my husband is worried about Will. We had so many conversations about this and we were both coming from different angles, then it finally dawned on me. So I asked and he confirmed that’s what he was trying to say. So one more positive, hope people are working on their communication skills.


  7. Prath.t

    Thank you so much for your breakdown! I thought I was insane to think that this was just a case of a guy whose ego and emotions got the better of him in the moment. I stayed off social media specifically to avoid the ridiculous hot takes that would be flying around. The joke itself was super hack! A GI Jane reference in 2022? I know Chris Rock is better than that. If I were to make that comment to a random couple on the street, should I be surprised if I get slapped for it? This felt like a situation where he talked about his wife one too many times, and as one of my students would say “talk shit, get hit”. Is it bad that I wanted Will to say as he was walking up “Hey Chris, here’s a joke for you. What did the 5 fingers say to the face?” To paraphrase Chris Rock, he shouldn’t have slapped him, but I understand.

  8. TioPapi

    A fun dad joke that I came across regarding the slap: What did Chris Rock find on his face the morning after the Oscars? Fresh Prints!

  9. Rwh2016

    I was getting some Game Of Thrones vibes from Will and Jada. You guys might have missed Jada whispering in Will’s ear…”I choose violence.”

  10. Cappadonna

    Look Will Smith can be wrong and niggas can be tired of the shit. It was a horrible incident, but its reminder that dude is only human. People get mad and mess up. Chris Rock was doing his job and it went left, that’s life. And I’m sorry – Will had a some pitch perfect form. That wasn’t a slap, it was an open handed right hook. That Ali training came in handy.

  11. ApiafromGermany

    I can access lots of anger in a moment and in the moment it feels great.
    It makes my feel strong and like a lioness.
    But I know it’s bad and so I learned to breathe and not to give in.
    When I was younger I threw doors shard that the Glas in the door broke, threw hairbrushes that left a mark in the wall and so on. Never people. Still its bad.
    Pretty proud that I didn’t do something like this for a least 10 years.

  12. ApiafromGermany

    I thought the jokes were really bad but still no reason for violence. Most people who slapped a college at work would get in big trouble or fired. But most people aren’t rich powerfull celebrities.

  13. brooklynshoebabe

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. As soon as I heard what happened, all I wanted to hear were your jokes and hot puns. Lol. My family’s group text was buzzing this morning with gifs, jokes, and contemplations. I bet the Oscars wish they hired Kevin Hart now. Lmao. Seriously though, isn’t Twitter tired of psycho-analyzing celebrities yet? I guess people are bored now that Trump’s not president. Stay safe. Peace

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