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TTM 91: Three Slaps, Sinterklaas Is Coming To Town

Rod and Bassey recap Atlanta.

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  1. rodimusprime

    Greetings, Rod and The Grim Reaper aka Bassey!

    I’m really glad y’all decided to come back and review this season, y’all cover shows a lot more thoughtfully than any other review podcast.

    This show came back in a great fashion. I really forgot how dark the undertones of the show can be. I think Hiro and Donald like showing us that they’d do a great Black horror movie. I’m with you, Rod, I wasn’t sure where they were going with that first episode until the shot of Laquarius hugging that cop, though I was kinda on alert when the actress who played Ruby’s white woman disguise from LoveCraft Country walked in.

    This most recent episode was wild, but I think it answer’s Bassey’s question: weird stuff is following them. When Alfred sat down at that poker game, it reminded me of that Dave Chappelle segment where he was at the 3 Card Monty table. They were all in on it. Darius being his unflappable self was my favorite part. Socks taking off that hat and Darius calmly informing him that his hairline was busted made me laugh out loud. I expected to see Will Smith come around the corner and smack Darius for it, but I guess the rules are different over seas. Also, Van needs help. And, though you two seem to be clairvoyant, I’m gonna come out opposite early and say, I don’t think Van and Darius are gonna get involved. I’m excited to see where the show takes us this season. Great recaps, thank you both.


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