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2512: Will Smith and Ciara

Rod and Karen discuss Game Theory Episode 4, Coronavirus News, more Slap news, Kanye getting help, OJ Simpson and Channing Crowder calls Russell Wilson a square.

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  1. Miss1ko

    “Hey Justin that’s our time. Thank you.”

    That Mel Gibson publicist should be setting the trend.
    I heard the Fast and Loose production schedule was said to be slowed down from before. I wonder how black balled Willard is going forward. He could link with Tyler Perry and have his own production company. Who knows.

    Sheryl Underwood is a special case…. I see the fear of maybe black men would call her a coon would go up there and call her a coon.

    The whole Future vs Russell swagger vs corny conversation has been going on. I get preference of style and swag but just being a good dude is cornballish now. Love is corny. Everyone’s pinnacle in being in a loving intimate embodies CORNINESS WITH CHEESE ON TOP. Pet names corny. Being vulnerable corny. Will Smith before the slap corny. So is he supposedly cool now?
    Anyway I continue to enjoy the intelligent insights you both bring to varied topics.

  2. mizzbarnes

    Ciara’s happy ending is the fuq boi’s kryptonite. These Future-stans will be so disappointed to know that there are a huge swath of women who want a good guy who treats them with respect.

  3. logan2x1

    First off. Who are the folks in the poll voting to be with Future?! It can’t be much of a come up anymore, you dividing that money 28 different ways. Maybe they’re trying to diversify their income streams (this is a joke, child support is not income). I’m hoping I didn’t have to tell y’all that, but just in case. Because I definitely hurt some feelings this week with comments that were jokes about the slap.
    I also should have taken a lesson from my sister and chosen wisely who to talk with about this. When I grow up I want to be like y’all.
    It was like that Key&Peele skit where they’re both reading each other’s texts in very different tones of voice.


  4. ApiafromGermany

    Btw you are the podcast I agree the most with. I almost always think you make a good point or when it’s sports I have no idea what you are talking about.
    I find it interesting and somehow hopefull. We have different live experiences and still I mostly agree. So it can happen?

  5. ApiafromGermany

    I have no desire to see Will punished more. For what.
    This would help no one and as this thing is already so big it would never end.
    I just wished he would ask himself really what happened in his mind at that moment and work on his issues whatever they are.

  6. Cappadonna

    I said in a FB group that I run that ashy misogynists become the ultimate pick-mes when it comes to Ciara and Russ. Do these dudes want to date Future? Because they sound like they want to be his next genetic depository.

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