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TTM 92: The Old Man And The Tree

Rod and Bassey recap Atlanta.

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  1. Sean

    One more thing… Do you think that her name (MK) was a reference to the MK Ultra program which so-called researchers “conducted torturous experiments in which people of colour, predominately incarcerated Black Americans, as well as people with psychotic disorders (hospitalized patients with schizophrenia) were given extremely high, frequent, and chronic doses of LSD and other psychedelics often without knowledge of what they were given or proper informed consent. In some cases, participants who asked to withdraw from the study were forced to stay. ”


  2. Sean

    Hey guys, love your recaps and have really enjoyed the discussion about the themes of this season…

    I think you were on the verge of talking about toxic wokeness. And, but toxic wokeness, I am not talking about the bullfuckingshit that racist misogynistic right wingers mean by toxic wokeness… I mean that wokeness, or performative virtue, are often used to cover up racism.

    Episode 1: The woke white man in the boat who led the Black man to his doom while talking about one of the many Black cities covered by water in the US. The woke lesbians who “everyone said” were “doing the right thing” by adopting Black kids…
    Episode 2: The woke events coordinator who was down with the cause until they didn’t perform they way that he wanted. The woke Tupac cult who literally killed him (that didn’t look like euthanasia to me…)…
    Episode 3: The woke allies who used the perception of anti-Black racism to cover up anti-Asian racism. The woke investor who was willing to drop half a billion dollars to be seen as woke…

    And back to the anti-Asian racism… I can kinda forgive Darius for the anime comments, even though she was obviously Chinese, but the fiance talking about her parents in North Korea? If they were engaged, how could he not know she wasn’t Korean?
    Living Japan, I see the inter-Asian racism a lot. I am fairly sure that Hiro Murai, the director – who was born in Japan, intentionally included those common anti-Asian tropes as a subtle reference to stop Asian hate. I am also fairly sure that he went with a Chinese actress who couldn’t even pass as Japanese or Korean so that the references would be clearly off the mark (for those that can differentiate different groups of Asians)…

    Again, thanks for your recaps, always insightful and enjoyable!

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