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TTM 93: The Big Payback, Cancer Attack

Rod and Bassey recap Atlanta.

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  1. rodimusprime

    Greetings Rod and Bassey! I appreciate y’all finding the time to review the show as much as I appreciate these busy actors for finding the time to do it! Y’all bring a high level of insight.

    Going back to 3 Slaps and the discussion of Black women representation in the series, i think it’s important we remember there were 3 Black women in that episode. All of which had Laquarius’ best interest at Heart, but all showed it differently. And, while it may have been slightly exaggerated at the point of her relinquishing her son so easily, there wasn’t a point where I looked and felt “That woman doesn’t exist, that’s a bad caricature.” In one of the first episodes of TBGWT I listened to, Rod and Karen discussed Leslie Jones and how a lot of people feel or react a certain way to her representation because she’s big, dark skinned, and boisterous or “loud”. But she exists. And, aside from Van not having as much depth of character as the guys (though, I’d argue we know more about her background and have experienced more with her than Darius), I feel they do put effort into showing many different types of Black women. The sista from the first episode working with them at the airport that air humped that white man from behind still makes me laugh.
    As far as MK and her correlation to the infamous MK Ultra program (which was basically the US Govt sanctioning and funding human experiments to try to harness mind control) another podcast I enjoy called The Last Podcast On The Left covered it pretty indepth recently, a good listen if you have time. But, I don’t think her name was supposed to lead us to that, I think it was supposed to get us to Kim K. Went to California, a lot of Black guys wanted her, and, in keeping with the “internet in real life” theme, her faux pas haven’t been near as egregious as the vitriol she’s received. Even mentioning her mom at the end of the episode.

    Is Socks this season’s Tracy?!? Either way I can’t STAND this niiiihhhh…I mean..I can’t stand him! I genuinely don’t understand his reasoning for taking the phone. I don’t see how it benefited him and he couldn’t have known how it affected Alfred so, it seems from his perspective a zero sum game. So, why??? And y’all got me dying tryna figure out if this is a dream! I mean, we never actually saw who shot who that first night in the parking lot! And we never found out what happened to that dude! Lemme find out AL been in a coma this whole time! I’m really looking forward to y’all commentary on the most recent episode. Thanks, again!


  2. rodimusprime

    Hey Bassey and Rod
    In case you haven’t watched the episode yet, Rod, there are spoilers for the episode below.)

    So, I know Khalil represents Deray and the light skinned racially ambiguous nigga is Shawn King, but do you think the other activist lady is Patrisse Cullors? In any case, this episode had so many little things that I didn’t get right away. Like for instance, a lesser show (trademark This Too Much LLC) would have just stopped at making the activists look completely bereft of credibility, but at the end, the monologue from Khalil seemed to imply that he still gets things done for the people, even if it’s in a shady way.

    The other things I realised hours after watching the episode:

    1. The jersey not only had Central Park 5 on the back, but the promotional photo had a white woman laying on her stomach surrounded by 5 black dudes and the pic on the front was a raccoon.

    2. Van probably stole that wig.

    3. When the assistant asked if Jollof was Ghanain, Darius said “Where’d you hear that?”

    Anyway, go forth and reinvest in your hoods, as Esco Esco admonishes, because “we’re all from some hood.”


  3. rodimusprime

    Rod was right about Socks. In TTM92 he said Socks was covering for himself well we see that in the Cancer Attack.

    Insert *Rod Be knowing *


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