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The Coronavirus Quarantine Sale Part 3

Okay, seriously WTF?! We are still dealing with this damned pandemic? Well, here we go again…

We’re offering you a chance to take part in our Coronavirus Quarantine Sale Part 3: The Corona-ing.

From now until the end of the May 15th you can now get a year of The Black Guy Who Tips Premium for $100. That’s 8.33 a month for 12 months. The offer will expire at midnight 5/15/20 so strike while the iron is hot. You can register your account or upgrade your existing account by clicking HERE. Select the Black Friday subscription options and receive a year of premium for 33% off the normal price!

And this year we are breaking down and making the deal renewable. Because fuck it. That’s why. If you want to keep this thing going indefinitely then the deal will be there for you every year at this time.

Enjoy premium shows such as Balls Deep Sports, The Nerd Off, Spoiled Movie Reviews, The Pregame, Lip Smacking Good and Medium Talk. Plus you’ll get access to our archives of The Walking Dead recaps, Game of Thrones Recaps, This Is Us Recaps and more. Spend your stimulus checks with us for solidarity!

If you have any issues signing up feel free to email us at theblackguywhotips@gmail.com and Rod will walk you through any issues.

Thanks for supporting us.

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  1. RamseyDeeJenkins

    I loved the intro…Five Stars! I missed both shows. Glad you and your best half are back in NC!

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