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TTM 94: White Fashion

Rod and Bassey recap Atlanta.

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  1. rodimusprime

    I loved this episode but I want to spark a diaspora wars thing here.

    This episode gave such a nuanced representation of Trinis in New York. What do us Jamaicans have as representation in recent popular culture? Fuckin’ Luke Cage. I rest my case. STOKES!!!

    One more thing. When They opened the envelope with the school pictures, the look on Sylvia’s face seemed to me like she was kind of reproachful. Like she was saying “allyuh white people don’t even care about your son enough to go to picture day”. The look also implied that she was letting them know who has the real influence on their son.

    Anyway, no more emails comments. Love the recaps.


  2. jamielscorpio

    Yo I realized after hearing this episode that the lady accusing Van of stealing was supposed to be the woman who accused that lil boy of taking her cellphone in NYC. As always y’all do the best feedback peace and thanks for the episodes.

  3. RoninRaphael

    Speaking about jollof, it always kills me whenever the Ghana vs Naija jollof wars are going on. I’m the guy who since the day that I discovered that jollof was originated by the Senegalese (Wollof people), I stopped participating in the war and became a lover. I have eaten jollof from almost every West African country, Cameroon, DR Congo and they all good. Just invite me, I don’t discriminate (eh not that Naija bowl nonsense please gtfoh with that bs). My Mrs is now involved in the jollof wars and swears by Nigerian (personally Liberian is the best that I have tasted but tell nobody okay).

  4. RoninRaphael

    Hey awesome people, I decided to jump in with a little comment about the Darius section of ‘White Fashion’. I am an Ijaw from the Niger Delta state of Bayelsa that was formerly a part of Rivers State. I schooled in different cities and I met kids raised in the UK & US who couldn’t pronounce 9ja, Naija amongst other basic slangs in different parts of Nigeria. My cousins born in Boston & MD made the choice to identify as Nigerians in their speaking around us. So while I get Bassey’s complaints there are people who identify as Nigerians who speak like Darius and get roasted or praised. London is aka a better Lagos to some of us (a lot of Bini people there too), there are areas where you walk past and all you hear is Yoruba being spoken. That doesn’t mean that the boogie 9ja who only hang around whiteness (born & raised) don’t exist in that space. That’s why I loved this episode, all that was reflected in the 9ja rep. The aunty at the restaurant Mimi (my cuz name btw) also called Darius “Oyibo” not Igbo, based on his appearance (dyed hair, accent and seating with a White woman).
    I thought she was surprised when he didn’t order like an “Akata” and the moment he says that he’s Ijaw from Rivers State the invisible wall is broken and our “Na We-We” code is established. Which is why she says that he can bring any veggies he wants and she’ll cook it (not all restaurants do, but if you connect with the right Aunty it’s like Mama Put back home). Moi-Moi is life, same with jollof it’s up to whoever is cooking it to spice it up. I don’t discriminate when it comes to moi-moi, I eat it plain, with eggs, with shrimps, beef, fish, maybe if they add frogs or snakes. I might have to readjust my policy. Pardon the long write, It wasn’t close to offensive to me after meeting who came here as children and lost their accents, connections, struggle to pronounce words. I could have been mad that the most popular Ijaw character on American TV is a believer of conspiracy theories knowing the damage that’s doing in real time back home but no, I love it that there’s a lot of people learning that the 300 ethnic groups in Nigeria is not limited to Igbo (g silent), Hausa and Yoruba. Maybe it’s the man in me, I was laughing at all those scenes even Eniola been quiet.

    I am Raphael Harry thank you (Mbana) for your awesome reviews. I can’t remember thanks in Efik. The jollof jokes hahaha

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