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2519: How Arby’s Serves Customers

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, MD woman finds squatter in her apartment, pedal pub accident, Will Smith taking spiritual travels, Jameela Jamil quits Twitter, Joe Rogan gained 2 million subscribers from controversy, Chopper arrested for sex trafficking, Snickers didn’t get rid of veins, 911 chicken call, Arby’s attack, teaching while drunk, argument over mosquito turns violent, Trenton health officer gets massage at work and sword ratchetness.

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1 Comment

  1. ApiafromGermany

    I don’t know what to think about Covid right now.
    We are vaccinated and boosted and also recovered.
    Since that I’m calmer, because now we had it and by that we got a 4-th booster the hard way.
    But honestly the disease wasn’t hard at all for me, but after it I had that time of feeling week for 2-3 hours especially in the evening and I had to sleep 10 hours in the night from 8pm to 6 am.
    For work I still have to wear my mask ( I walk around in doctors offices and hospitals) and for hospitals I still have to have a negative Covid test to be able to enter.
    So I go from one situation where I have to be vaccinated and negative to the outside world where people seem to have decided Covid is over multiple times a day.
    It’s confusing.
    The numbers are going down here and I’m curious what the fall will bring.

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