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TTM 95: Trini 2 De Bone

Rod and Bassey recap Atlanta.

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  1. Rfniles

    Hi Rod and Bassey,
    I’m enjoying your commentary as usual. I just had a comment about the underlying horror theme this season Did you notice at the end of Trini to de Bone that the pillow was dented like Sylvia was in the chair next to Sebastian’s bed. When he told her goodnight, the pillow was fluffed out like she fixed it before she left.

    Rhonda N

  2. Sofa_King

    It’s a damned shame that you and Bassey don’t review This Is Us anymore. I would love to have heard how y’all talked about Miguel during the first couple of seasons contrasted against last week’s episode.

  3. rodimusprime

    Hi TTM fam,

    I really enjoyed this episode and here are a few of my takes.

    First, the actress who played Lorraine is named Ava Grey, and I enjoyed her!

    On Disney:

    – is it a carryover reference from the racCOON logo from White Fashion?
    – is it signaling Disney’s Blackface origins from Blackface caricatures?
    – does it symbolize how the egregious or “cancelable” remains mainstream?
    The filming in Cancel Club really give me that old racist cartoon vibe.

    Also, there have been the concern of phones and social media playing a huge part in Atlanta, and especially this season:

    – Photos of Paper Boy’s manager searching a child cancer patient on a stretcher
    – Paper Boy’s phone in the trash and not destroyed
    – Paper Boy using his phone to promote Invest in Your HOOD!
    – Paper Boy photographed in the red light district
    All these things have me concerned

    White women cry a lot in this season.

    White motherhood also appears a lot this season:

    – White ladies raised those boys who would nab a White lady’s White baby and punt it like Issa D.
    – The name “Bronwyn” (Bash’s mother) means white breast.
    – There was a large White breast as an abstract art installment in the gallery/art museum this episode.

    Lastly, Atlanta seems to be saying that not all ghosts are negative which is kind of comforting.

    OK, my brain tired because this isn’t the half, but I know y’all got it!

    Thank you, Bassey and Rubric!


    • rodimusprime

      Holy smokes!

      Yous guys probably already peeped it, but…

      – Those two people in the Cancel Club with Paper Boy and Lorraine were likely a representation of Aladdin and Jasmine!

      – The dude in the dalmation suit went over my head as a reference to 101 Dalmations and the owner whatshisname.

      – I don’t understand the wall mouths installation. The only thing I can think about is the Cheshire Cat.

      OK I’m done for real.



  4. RoninRaphael

    Hi Bassey and Rod,

    First of all I apologize for making Rod battle with them words. At the same time, you did pronounce my tribal words perfectly so believe in yourself sir it’s not as difficult as it looks on paper .

    Trini 2 Bone is now one of my songs, I did not know that was Chet Hanks tbh the suit deceived me. That kid was the MVP!
    Bassey made a lot of great points. Made me realize that I know a white immigrant from Europe with about half of Sylvia’s background who owns two schools in NYC.

    Finally, when Princess was speaking about her mother, it brought up memories of family where the children felt neglected by their mother (in many cases fathers) who sacrificed and took care of the community aka extended family and beyond after they migrated. So many similarities in our experiences in this episode just that various Nigerian tribes would have been a little different with the funeral (story for another day).

    Trini 2 Bone ✌ Love your recaps and wondering what show will be next after Atlanta?

  5. Misskrysable


    There I said it since y’all too saddie to say it ya selves! In the words of the illustrious Tiffany Haddish “Issa booty hole!” There was a hole picture of a booty hole on the phone of the dad in the show at the church and y’all said NOTHING! Rod I guess you’re not a pornasseur anymore or maybe the HBO money got you acting brand new. Bassey Bassey Bassey I bet if it were Bruno Mars’ booty hole you’d shout it out.

    Never in all my years would I guess anyone in the TBGWT cinematic universe would chilly grapes a booty hole on network TV. But the people up north will remember and will proudly say “ISSA BOOTY HOLE!”

    I love y’all, y’all make me feel sophisticated.


    Miss Krysable

  6. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Bassey!

    Loving your recaps of Atlanta and this new season. Its been really enjoyable to listen to you discusses the show in as much detail and nuance as the actual show.

    Bassey mentioned that it was unclear what the thread of this season has been, and after watching the SXSW panel they did, and looking for a few clues, I think I might have an idea for the theme of this season.

    Donald glover said on the panel, referencing white earn’s speech on the boat in episode 1, that ‘easy to see how black people are cursed, but if we are all connected its almost scarier how blind white people are to their whiteness and that they wanted to cover that for a season. I think its significant they started the season with that.

    By placing the characters overseas in really white situations, where overseas their brand of whiteness is normal, I think the show is demonstrating what can seem normal to white people, is actually insane when its viewed through the lens of blackness, a phenomenom that any black people living in countries where the whiteness is the prevailing ideology can relate to.

    The official atlanta twitter page tweeted the trailer for season 3 with the words, “chaos to the fly”. The full quote from Charles Addams being
    “Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly” The fly being us as black people the spider being whiteness. The genius of the show, is that in episodes 4 and 7, the anthology episodes, it flips it and forces us to see the other perspective of this, kinda emphasising that weird and normal are relative.

    If we look at it briefly episode by episode;

    EP1: Them white women thought they were doing the right thing, becuase they were blinded by their whiteness
    EP2: Blackface was normal in amsterdam, but they couldn’t see how weird it was to invite a black rapper during that time.
    EP3: Earn’s manager friend whiteness lead to Earn and that UK rapper taking advantage of him
    EP4: [Flipped] Reparations would seem like an insane concept to the average white person.
    EP5: That security guard at the start of the episode was so strict to earn checking his ID, but let wiley waltz right in. Sox weird whiteness
    EP6: White people blindness led to central park 5 jersey + too blind to see activists taking advantage of them + how weird the ad campaign came out + naija food truck
    EP7: [Flipped] White people oblivious to the fact that trini woman was raising their child, almost cost them connection to their chid. Trini funerals can seem like chaos if you’re rich and white.

    And a whole lot more for each episode.Could be a reach but I think watching the season this way, has helped me contextualize it. Also as a black brit these UK episodes have been gospel.

    Lastly, someone tweeted that Van is acting like Earn was acting in season 1 and 2 (aloof, appearing whenever) I wonder if there’s anything to this.

    Looking forward to your feedback for the next episode.


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