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BDS 439: Dick Riders

Rod, Justin and Karen are joined by Dominic Rivera of The Mind Of Dom podcast to discuss Darius Cooks, Kevin Samuels, listener feedback, NBA playoffs, Baker Mayfield, Ben Simmons has back surgery, Stephen A Smith news, DeAndre Hopkins suspended 6 games for PED violation, Kaepernick, Trevor Bauer suspended, Brittney Griner update, Phil Mickelson gambling loses, Lakers won’t trade Lebron, Ryan Clark refused to work with Sage Steele, Westbrook not speaking to Perkins, NIL Lamborghini deal, Cynthia Cooper-Dyke abusive behavior, Carson Wentz, Antonio Brown disses Kap, Jalen Rose opens up about divorce, Magic Johnson joining bid for Broncos, Brian Kendrick apologizes for Holocaust comments, Browns sent cease and desist to Hue Jackson, Earl Thomas arrest warrant, OBJ breaks the internet with his fiance and publicist and Uh Oh, These Nigga’s Fighting!


  1. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod, Karen, and Pat Jeverly,

    Pat Beverly has proved he may be a better twitter troll than basketball player. Instead of getting ready for next season this man decided to come after Chris Paul. Now I appreciate some good CP3 slander especially how him and the Sun’s played that last series. But it can’t come from this guy. This man made one clutch three and now he think he a superstar. But anyways did you all see Saban come for the NIL? This is the second time that Saban had something to say about it. Which I don’t know if he can’t read the room but folks not really trying to hear what a coach who making 10 million and a school that is about to spend 183 million on a stadium complain about these kids getting money. I do wonder with his willingness to embrace the NIL if it will have adverse effect on his recruiting down the line. Or the boosters may just push him out the way and do it for him. He also had some comments on coach Sanders where he talked about them paying a recruit a million dollars. Which to me is weird that focus on if they did or didn’t. When the point of the NIL was the players getting paid. Which I will say I don’t think the NCAA thought it would be this much money being thrown in the NIL. I know one worry is how protected the kids are when they make these deals. I imagine regulations will come later at some time. My question about the NIL is when will we see pro athletes and college athletes fighting over the same instagram models. Because we know they don’t have to wait for that first pro check now. Anyways love the show as always and it was great to hear Dom on the last episode.


  2. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and J. Jimbo Fisher,

    I hope all is well.

    I rarely am interested in hearing the back and forth between two white men from West Virginia…but when it’s Nick Saban saying Texas A&M bought their entire recruiting class? And Jimbo Fisher cutting a wrestling promo calling Nick a “narcissist”, complaining that folks made Saban a fake ass god and then saying somebody oughta slap Saban?! This nigga Jimbo shaking the table! And Jimbo probably should keep shaking that table cuz it means the Texas A&M boosters that are paying Jimbo a *fully guaranteed*, 10 year, $75 million contract to just be *good*. Oh and Jimbo’s A&M contract has no offset language, meaning if Jimbo got another job then A&M owes him the same mountain of cash, regardless.

    Now see, what I really need is for Pastor Dabo to interject himself in this cuz I enjoy mess and would love to see what wild shit folks would say about Dabo.

    Speaking of money, shouts out to the coaching legend at the bank Mike “3 Checkz” Brown for getting the Sacramento Kings head coaching job! If there’s a table with money on it and a team that ain’t really gonna win, Mike Brown will be there on the first thing smoking!

    Luka Dončić really called the Suns “fake tough guys” and then single handedly scored as many points in a half as the Suns roster. That picture of Luka smiling and staring up at Booker is so damn funny and made me think no wonder Jordan was happy to see Luka at the All Star Game!

    See what happens when your team falls in line behind a geriatric whose signature move is hitting people in the nuts? Per playoff tradition, Chris Paul went out sad as hell. Also, is this Patrick Beverly’s favorite season and offseason ever since he got to watch the downfall of Russell Westbrook *and* Chris Paul? Only thing older looking than Chris Paul’s game is Deandre Ayton’s face and he probably gonna look even more weathered with all that money he definitely ain’t getting.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend as always and thank you for the fantastic shows as always!



  3. trey_swindu744

    In Big Boi’s voice – I know that ain’t who think it is!!

    I know that is not Nicholas Joseph Jackson Saban giving other coaches hell about paying players !!! As a Bama fan myself Rod , Justin & Karen I need Nick to calm the hell down on complaining about players getting paid . Nick you know good and damn well you don’t want people looking at our books at Alabama man!

    Nick you starting to sound like Country Draws McGraw’s goofy ass aka Dabo Swinney and you know you don’t want to sound like that fool lol These kids deserve whatever compensation they can get for the hard work they do and the revenue they generate for these schools .
    Shoutout to Bo for doing that for the promotion of GAME THEORY – that was clutch!

    Anyways thanks yall

    Trey _swindu744

  4. fyahworks

    Hey rod, Karen, jatrick Beverly

    Rod would you consider Justin a “cone” on this podcast? Aww man pat bev has been trending all week as he made his rounds on espn variety of shows! I for one enjoyed his banter on said shows! He might really have a career post nba career! But them suns really did set in that game 7! What a disappointment!! It all started since his birthday, which was game 5! He had 5 points and fouled out in a lost! Then we had game 6, a tad better game, but the game his family was “allegedly attacked” on Mother’s Day! And then we have that putrid game 7 where Phoenix had 27 at halftime to Luka magic 27 at halftime! It was a absolute shit show , where we also seen a fight between Ayton and coach Monty! In my opinion, to borrow your word rod, Ayton is sorry! But he looking for a max contract! I don’t see it!

    So Mike brown , who is an assistant coach behind Steve Kerr for the Dubs, has accepted the kings job! But immediately after he did and was coaching in place of a COVID Kerr, Memphis was blowing out th warriors by 50+! The kings owners might want to rethink that hiring!

    You guys have a great weekend
    Fyahworks out

  5. ProfKori

    Your Stephen A. Smith impression? PERFECTION!

    • ProfKori

      Oh, wait!!! Justin got a bomb ass Stephen A. Smith impression, too!!!

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