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2522: Kevin Samuels Dead

Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. Angela

    Congrats on Season 2! Cue The Jeffersons theme song with the HBO sound effect as the intro.

    My husband is now Covid-free. I had him sealed off in a room like those scientists had ET and that flower. Clarification on last week’s tome: Miss Contagion was a “suspect” because he got a lift from her to the auto repair place. The next day she pops positive. We will never know of course. Rona’s everywhere and he wears an n95 and a surgical mask now because we have a 14% “official” positivity rate in Connecticut. It’s probably higher. In better news, the teacher who survived cancer is now wearing a mask.

    Some of my husband’s unmasked students are now afraid to be around him. He repeatedly explained that they had more risk hanging around their unmasked and unvaxxed compatriots. They did not believe him. These are the same kids that flouted mask rules and mocked him for wearing a mask after the mandate was lifted. Their nervousness is a boon though. Whenever they misbehave and get off task, my husband gets up and walks toward their desks. They get to work fast because they don’t want him to “give” them covid while they sit in class maskless. These are sophomores and seniors. Anyway, have a great weekend and thanks for the awesome shows!


  2. LW100

    As always another great episode, Karen and Rod. I wanted to mention this allegorical observation I’ve had since the beginning of Trump’s term, which I call Pet Tigers: The Republican Leadership believes that Trump is their pet tiger. They thought that they had him by the reigns and were in control. And Trump’s pet tiger is his base and he believes he has them on a leash and can control them. But the thing about tigers is that they can’t be pets, they can’t be controlled, they’re wild animals. And their instincts can get their “owners” killed, so you shouldn’t be surprised when they break their leash and turn around and clamp down on your throat. Republican leadership has been playing a dangerous game with their base and the Jan 6th Insurrection was an unfortunately successful test of their power. They saw how Trump’s unhinged control of the base worked but it got out of hand and endangered Republican Leadership. You can’t tell me differently that they aren’t going to regroup, refine and try this again.

  3. ApiafromGermany

    Iran for example used to be a way more modern country. Than the the conservatives took power.
    There is no ” it will be so bad that they will have no choice” it just gets worse when you give up.
    ( and it happens just the same in countries with different race dynamics)

  4. ApiafromGermany

    Your show is great, always productive.
    Other media outlets on the democratic side sometimes take the position: its the worst time ever now, let the world burn, nothing matters anymore.
    I really hate this position.
    Imagine what people who fought for your rights would think about that.
    Or people who weren’t able to get any sort of education because they were not white men. Or people who are in the Ukraine right now. Resignation feels easier than having to keep on fighting I guess.
    You know fight / flight or freeze? If you give up you are in freeze.
    It does not help you fight off the lion that wants to eat you.( lion = stands here for a bad thing, you get it. )

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