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2529: Bucket O’ Pee

Rod and Karen discuss the economy of tragedy around mass shootings, random thoughts, Coronavirus News, Russia allegedly killing their own troops, Chris Rock jokes about regaining hearing, Diddy takes on cancel culture, R Kelly and Frank James are buddies, Kevin Samuels family didn’t start a GoFundMe, woman thinks her biracial son identifies as Black because of Critical Race Theory, boy knocks on neighbors’ door with a whip, Honey Pot accused of betraying the community, Sharon Osbourne, man doused with urine, teacher slaps student and gets early retirement, man arrested for putting gas in the wrong place and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Mdiarra

    Follow up on the honeypot it sounds like she had a good reason to add the preservatives probably so they last longer in the shelf. Good article about it https://www.essence.com/lifestyle/honey-pot-founder/

  2. ApiafromGermany

    If you wonder why I had so many tests, there was a time last year when I had to test myself everyday and document it.

  3. ApiafromGermany

    When we had Covid, the rapid tests worked surprisingly well.
    I still had about 50 of them I got from work. The test had a very bright positive line at the beginning. The next test I took when I was in the middle of the infection, it turned pink faster and more intense.
    When the infection was going away, the line got brighter again.
    I’m pretty sure we had Omicron.
    I was really surprised by the tests and it made me feel better about all the times before I tested negative and thought ” I hope this is true! “

  4. EvieE

    The clip about the mother who is angry that her son now identifies as black because of critical race theory was funny at first until I found the article about it. I thought it kind of odd that she said something about there being “safety in numbers” but that was just code for he has black friends now. The article also stated this woman put white on all his school forms and said her son shouldn’t identify as black because he looks Hawaiian. And telling her son he is not black despite having a black father. She’s upset that he has so many black friends now. This woman has been trying to suppress this child’s black side for years. There’s even a thread on Twitter about people who know this woman and this child and they said this woman is terrible. They also said crt is not being taught in that school. The kid is just in 8th grade and probably figuring out racism for himself. I really feel sorry for this kid and any biracial child in this situation. Imagine experiencing racism at school and having a mother like this. This is kind of what I think about when I see these coons online bigging up their white women in order to put down black women. They will eventually have children with these white women who a lot of the times will treat their children exactly like this. Pray for that baby.

    • Mdiarra

      I agree with you EvieE. When I saw that video of that mother the thing I felt was the most anger inducing is I can’t imagine what that child must’ve gone through before they were able to process their feelings. Her son probably always felt like an outsider and probably got treated differently his whole life, but couldnt pinpoint why he felt that way till he got Black friends.

      Whole time I watched that video I was like where is the father! I hope somebody on his side of the family is in touch with that baby and can help that baby.

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