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TTM 97: Rich Wigga, Poor Wigga

Rod and Bassey recap Atlanta.

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  1. rodimusprime

    Yo, is this thing on? Rod? Bassey? Karen’s Laugh? Can y’all hear me? Just checking cuz you damn sure missed my email last week, lol. Anyway, just dropping by to share a couple quick thoughts about Atlanta Season 3. It was a wild, weird, bumpy ride, but this season was pretty entertaining. I fux with it! They say season 4 will be back in Atlanta and more like the first 2 seasons. Looking forward to seeing it. This show is amazing!

    As far as the season finale goes, man that shit was weird as fuck, but I liked it. I thought Zazie acted her ass off in this one. Especially at the point where she snapped back into reality. Hearing Lottie’s name brought everything out of her all at once and she did a great job in those last couple scenes. I’m glad she attempted to explain her mental state to Candace. Hopefully they’ll explore that more in season 4.

    Quick question before I go. Do y’all think White Earn’s bag ending up in our Earn’s possession was a way to show White Earn paying off his Reparations Dues, or was it just a coincidence that they had the same name and the hotel delivered the wrong bag? When I saw the episode I thought it was for Reparations, but I was curious about your interpretations of it. If nothing else, I think that end credit scene was there to show us that the Anthology episodes actually are connected to the main timeline. I bet folks will notice a lot more connections (e.g. the Paper Boi Posters in the Trini episode) when re-watching the season. Aight, I’m out. Peace!

    L Brothers

  2. rodimusprime

    Greetings Rod, Bassey, and Karen’s Joyous laughter!

    I’ma jump right into it. This show! From the very beginning, when I saw the episode descriptions, I figured a man THAT far ahead had a completed product that was gonna blow our minds. I think Donald and Stephen and Hiro n’em we’re listening to y’all talk about Van. I wasn’t dumb enough to come out opposite, but I was confident Van wasn’t a dream or Dead like Bassey wanted! In the thread of texts Ern sent her, there was one that read “You left in the middle” so I don’t think they left her at the party, she left them. Also, Ern never asked for a wake up call in the hotel they scammed. My guess was they were calling that morning to let him know they had reviewed the footage and we can assume the rest. But. I was halfway through an angry email that read “First she killed Molly momma and NOW she killed Lottie?!? Bassey is a MENACE!” when Van flipped out in the kitchen. My Heart dropped into my stomach when she blinked and tears filled her eyes. And can we talk about how these rich folks are literally biting the hands that feed them?!?
    I really Love how this show creates little moments that move me. I really look forward to seeing what the show has in store for us. I’ve wondered since New Jazz and wanted to ask y’all, since we now know that Alfred’s mother’s guiding Spirit isn’t bound by age, gender, or sexuality do you think the “man” in the woods was his mother, too? It was another time Al was both physically and existentially lost. Though harsh at times, both Spirits were clearly caring and trying to put AL up on game and help him find his way home and to the right way of thinking.
    I know y’all need thoughtful shows to cover and that’s why y’all covered Insecure (side note: am I the only one that didn’t know Dro and Tasha the Teller had a whole baby together?!) And y’all got me working my way through SnowFall, now (D’Angelo Barksdale momma got Dat ASS!). I look forward to whatever y’all choose next. Thank y’all for the reviews!


  3. thatTish

    Hey Rod, Bassey, and Karen’s laugh,
    I love you guys, y’all are great.

    In “Rich Wigga, Poor Wigga” I figured that the mom abandoned them early on, since there was no talk of her like many people will do with someone who would have been there if they had another choice. It would have been simple to slide in a “your mom would have loved to see you graduate… If only she weren’t dead/in jail/on the run from the authorities after feeling like she had something to prove and going too hard at a BLM march.” I think that white lady had that Black man’s baby and dropped it on his doorstep, thinking she couldn’t have a little brown boy running up under her. (Joke’s on HER though, cuz she could’ve raised a little Aryan warrior and nobody would’ve known.)

    I think that Felix being one of the gamers in the beginning makes a lot of sense. If Felix wasn’t considered Black enough at school, but he WAS Black enough to get racismed online, that would give him the final push to do something drastic. He just decided to do what The Internet says we should do when shit’s fucked up, burn it all down.

    Uh, wtf was up with the Van episode? I don’t even know that lady like that to be more concerned for her than the regular Black girls who were comic relief. I remember y’all mentioning however many years back that Donald ‘nem said Van isn’t based on any real Black women that they know, and boy does it show. When she’s not in Atlanta, I don’t feel like she makes choices that Black women would or could get away with. I feel like she’s a different person every season and I don’t see lasting traits that anchor her as a character. I never watched Amelie, but did that character do the things Van did this season? Shoving people in pools and stealing wigs and bashing niggas with baguettes? Was the Amelie thing supposed to be an “aha” moment that unlocked the answers to everything?
    I’ll be glad when these niggas go back home to Atlanta.


  4. rodimusprime

    I think many woman have been where Van is. This episode nailed what I’m currently feeling. I literally celebrated my birthday yesterday but was wondering as I approach 40 if this is the life I want and who am I? I dream of pivoting but wonder how. Van being snapped back to life with the mention of Lottie is so real. I also think of Hippolyta running off to another multi verse and her daughter suffering the consequences. For me I’m attempting to imagine a new life a new me that includes prioritizing my two sons. It’s difficult but I dream of living internationally, moving to high raise, living free but I’m always brought back to the reality of being a parent. I do hope I can find some middle ground between my wants and their needs….


  5. Troubadour_D

    Hey y’all,

    Wanted to wait until the season finale to write in. I think the anthology episodes are (losely) about the main cast.

    1st anthology: A mother gives up her child. Vann leaves her child.

    2nd Anthology: Man from Reparations ep works hard but his wealth is owed to more than just him. Paperboi has worked hard, but the creative spark (the phone) is for more than just him.

    3rd Anthology: A family concerned that their child is being raised by a culture that isn’t his own. Darius’ fellow Nigerian (the chef) is concerned that he is losing the culture of his home country.

    4th Anthology: Since Season 1 Ep 1, Earn has been black, but not black black.

    Really enjoy your recaps.


  6. fyahworks

    Hey rod bassey and background laughs by karen!

    I’ve been rocking with the recaps of Atlanta from day one! I love the show didn’t get a chance to write because I don’t know when y’all gonna review it! But I must say trini to the bone and rich wigga have been my fav anthology eps this season! Yes rod I can agree the end of rich wigga, gave me Michael jackson thriller vibes! We was just missing the song! I also think Kevin samuels did a good job and if he wasn’t so toxic may have had a decent career on tv/film!

    As far as trini to de bone! It kinda hit me different! It is so valid! Being that my family is from Trinidad and my mother law is a nanny I can relate with this episode on a different level! Can’t wait to see what else is in store for the rest of the season!

    Keep up the great work

    Fyahworks out!

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