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PG 330: The Black Chick-Fil-A

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss car troubles, Justin’s ATL trip, Rod’s new tattoo, the local election, some TV shows and pre-game news.


  1. fyahworks

    Hey guys, hope all is well!

    Did you guys hear michael Jordan said no thanks to idris Elba playing him in a biopic?
    I think michael wants to play him self! Or he not rolling with the British accent lol

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend keep up the great work

    Fyahworks out!!

  2. Slickbarber

    Hi Rod, Karen, & Justin,

    Atlanta 5 News has not let up with the coverage on Darius Cooks aka Darius Crooks. Randy Travis has an update and he had to appear in court in regards to the restraining order for his “stalker”. Here is the link to the latest new story.


  3. msmarysmile

    I really enjoyed Winning Time. Being from LA, those were the Lakers of my childhood. What about the scene when Chick Hearn said some racist shit?! He always had such an affable reputation. Some of the casting is exceptional (Magic, Kareem, Buss, Norm Nixon) but some has been a “huh?”. Adrien Brody? He’s a good actor but looks nothing like Pat Riley! And the actress playing Jeanie Buss has no range. But I’m hooked and I look forward to the second season.

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