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BDS 440: Spilling The Gatorade

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, NCAA Football coaches are fighting, Pat Beverly hating on CP3, Antonio Brown stays there’s no racism, SI swimsuit mag will have WNBA players, Marcelo farting, Tom Brady going to the booth, Maria Taylor replacing Tirico, Jonathan Isaac speaks at right wing conference, Rajon Rondo accused of domestic violence, Naomi Osaka launches sports agency, Jack Nicklaus turns down 100 mil from Saudis, Keyshia Cole embarrassed by Antonio Brown, US Soccer pay equality, Zach Davies’ wife spill the tea, NBA working to free Brittney Griner, Lil Wayne threatens Mark Cuban, Tristan Thompson has fan ejected, Lolo Jones rants about not having a man, Jay Cutler is a dog, Pacman Jones doubts Kap, Earl Thomas arrested, Jerry Jeudy arrested, Lou Williams kissing on Mario Chalmers baby mama, no more Kid Rock at Lions games, Richard Sherman allowed to cheat, RG3 defense Bronny James white prom date, fan breaks down how many NFL rookies hide girlfriends, Nestor Cortes racist tweets and Uh Oh, These Nigga’s Fighting!



    Hello Rod, Karen & Jimmy Jutler.

    My beloved Miami Heat is now down 3-2 & all I can say is….we’re cooked like Jimmy’s cooked like Buffalo BBQ Wings knees. I’d be shocked if we win in Boston tomorrow, I just don’t see it that way, considering how the games have trended in Games 2-4. If it wasn’t for Bam Adebayo, Max Strus, PJ Tucker & Kyle Lowry to get their shots to fall, this series should’ve been already over, tbh. Also, if we do lose this series, it’s clear Ime Udoka has gotten his players to play a lot harder & more patient than the Brad Stevens days. Jason Tatum & that whole club are much different than when LeBron went Ultra Combo on their asses back in Game 7 of the 2018 ECFs.

    To me, these games have really have come down to, who gets hot in the first quarter & Miami, resilience & all, can’t punch back. Even in Game 3, albeit, w/Jimmy missing the rest of the game, Miami had a hard time closing that door from them streaky niggas in Boston. They still won the game, it was very concerning seeing a team like that, even with a double digit lead, just look tight & inexperienced that night. Game 6 should be an interesting watch. Go Heat! Y’all take it easy.

  2. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod, Karen and Joshton Donaldson!

    Well, congrats to us Rod who stood firm on our Wiggins Agenda!! Yay Andrew!! I’m so happy for Young Wiggs after he languished in ineptitude and obscurity in Minnesota all those years. I believe Bomani touched on this on Game Theory when talking about the draft, but in what other occupation are you told where you’re going to work, and the more talented you are, the more likely you’re going to work for a shitty company. This shows what the right culture and fit/role can do for a person.

    Also, I’m hearing about rumblings about the two-pointer making a comeback. From DeMar DeRozan having a great regular season, to people blaming these horrible blowout games on the 3-pointer, to the GSW who were the poster kids for threes actually winning on a hella lott twos…what do you all think? The Two coming back? Do you like it? Personally I wouldn’t mind it. Kind of more interesting to me.

    Sorry for such a sports-heavy email. I know how we feel about Ath-letics.

    Great shows as usual!


  3. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod, Karen, and J Donaldson,

    Rod, Bomani and you were right on the money when you were talking about the Tim Anderson and Josh Donaldson. I was thinking the same thing where as a black person white people say stuff to you thinking it’s funny and because you didn’t slap the shit out of them they think it’s okay. I also found it just like the media that no one actually asked to get Tim Anderson’s side of events other than Bomani. Which the media did what they always do and give the white person the benefit of the doubt. Now for me I immediately knew it was racist because at the university my wife coaches at. There is one black baseball player and the other baseball players call him Jackie Robinson. They tried to clean it up by saying that it’s not racist and that they were just joking. To me that is the cop out that other white people need. It’s like because you didn’t call me a derogatory name and hid it under the guise of the name of someone influential its supposed to be okay. To me that type of racism only works on white people and coons. And speaking of coons. Did yall see what Shady Mcoy had to say about Eric Bieniemy? Basically calling him a terrible coach. Sometimes it be your own people. Sorry if this is too long but love the show as always.


  4. fyahworks

    Greetings Rod, Karen, and jolin Kaepernick

    At this point is kap just trolling the league taking these work outs? Apparently the raiders are set to work him out this week! And maybe next month another team will, or even the Canadian football league will take a stab! It’s been six years since he been on a roster and he seems to be doing quite fine for himself! But he know how to stay in the news……

    Did you guys hear nfl is in talk to “fox” the pro bowl? Or maybe even do away with all together! I would say 99% of us don’t watch it! It’s not a good “filler episode “ the week between the championship games and the Super Bowl! And my vote would be to just do away with it! These guys not trying to get hurt over a meaning-less exhibition game, especially when every ones focus is on the super bowl, and most of them probably have the attitude of the great marshawn lynch: “ I’m just here so I won’t get fined”

    Lastly, I have the bleacher report app and it seems like ESPN does with the cowboys, BR is doing with the lakers. Everyday it’s articles about 10 hypothetical trades to move russ or it’s what guy got interview for the laker ls head coach position! Justin. Does russ get moved? Who gets the coaching job! The last few interviewed, were Terry stotts, darvin ham, and Kenny Atkinson is up next! Do you like any of these candidates?

    You guys have a good one

    Fyahworks out

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