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TNO 184: It Was Vin Diesel All Along

Rod, Karen and Sterling discuss listener feedback, entertainment, She-Hulk trailer, CW cutting shows, new Daredevil series coming to Disney+, Morbius, Square Enix bets big on Blockchain by selling off franchises, Oscar Isaac says no Moon Knight season 2 plans, Bungie defends abortion rights, Justin Lin did leave because of Vin Diesel, Kyle Rittenhouse game, Gotham Knights canceled last gen versions, Apple discontinues iPod, Boost Mobile will lower bills for customers who watch ads and play games, Equalizer crossover idea, Sony and Insomniac will donate to reproductive rights charity, Star Wars updates, Echo in production, Stan Lee likeness deal, WB wants to put 25 films in theaters a year, Bungie calls out racism, PS5 deck colorways, video game delays, Deathloop adding accessibility options, Sega eyeing remakes and remasters, She-Ra live-action gets a director, Amber Heard claims she was almost cut from Aquaman 2, EA lays off 100 employees, GRR Martin says fans can be vicious, Death Stranding 2, Gotham Knights CW show, God of War Ragnarok accessibility, Wonder Twins movie canceled, 5% of Nintendo owned by Saudi Arabia, Rick and Morty anime gets ordered to series, Johnny Depp could return to Pirates, TikTok could add games, the Iron Giant coming to MultiVersus, GameStop jumps into NFTs and Twisted Metal TV series update.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hello Nerd Off Crew,

    Obi Wan is really fun. I love seeing a 10 year vet in his prime being a featured act, and no, I’m not talking about 2013 Lebron James. I’m talking about Darth Vader the Sith Gawd himself. The awesomeness of this Disney+ series is getting overshadowed by my cosplay fantasy every time I see Reva. Whenever she’s on the screen, I think of her hunting me down with the “Bitch betta have my money” energy that she has for Obi Wan while the Imperial March (Chopped and Screwed Remix) is playing in the background.

    Anyway, I’ll continue my fan fiction story on a blog site I never had LOL.

    PS. I purchased Horizon Forbidden West and it’s really fun. Thanks for the recommendations. I often get games based on the NErd Off Crew.

    Great show as always,
    MIkey T

  2. Darienfoxx

    What’s up Rod, Karen, and a gaggle of nerds gently removed from box just long enough to make one of the best podcasts around.

    Just wanted to write in and say how much I love the show. Also, if you haven’t already discovered it, I wanted to put you on to Acevane’s YouTube channel. His hood voiceovers of Superfriends is legendarily funny. Most recently he just made a Batman trap rap video that slaps. I’ll include here if you want to check it out.


    Thanks for the show! Y’all make my day approximately every three weeks , and I love y’all for it!


  3. rodimusprime

    What’s up y’all.

    Any of you been watching this show? It *feels* so much like OG TOS [Original Series] and I love it. I grew up watching reruns of TOS on PBS back in the early 80s, it was the last thing on before they played the US national anthem then the Canadian national anthem and then the channel went to test pattern (i.e. no programming until the 0500 Ag shows.

    Our generation’s Trek was TNG [Next Generation] and it was reflective of that time’s [mid – late 1980s] vision of the Star Trek future so TNG was very colored by the idea of falling empires and morality based realpolitik technocrat problem solving. It was very straight laced and proper with little eddies and currents of fun around the edges.

    Until Disco [Star Trek: Discovery] all the other Trek shows were spun off of TNG’s aesthetic and vibe even though they had their own flavor, it was obvious who the parent was.

    Disco is fun because they threw you back to TOS era Federation and the problems they had and the wild solutions they came up with but then *spolier* they throw you 900 years into the future so you see that current era Federation and it’s post burn problems and the outgrowth of the realpolitik mindset that TNG established directly contrasted with TOS era style mindset in a way that was way better executed than in the Shatner/Picard movie crossover.

    All of that to say with Strange New Worlds [SNW], they keep you in that “space is real big and we don’t know shit but we gon see what we can do out here” TOS pocket that most of the later shows haven’t done. It’s the difference between a movie about the Old West Colorado Territory vs. a movie about 2015 Colorado. The setting is the same but the sheer anarchy of the Old West isn’t there anymore.

    I love Discovery because it was the first new Trek that gave me that old thang back then highlighted it by directly contrasting it with the “civilized” future and I love Strange New Worlds because it’s just staying in that good ‘ol TOS groove but obviously executing it better with a modern writing, acting, effects, whole production team. — Kinda how Rogue One is the best Empire era [eps 4 – 6] Star Wars movie [so far].

    I love all the Star Treks. I was mad they cancelled Enterprise because it had finally started getting good. But my two favorites so far are Disco and SNW. Picard is amazing too but it really shines as a deconstruction of the character and uses him as a lens to telegraph the institutional flaws of the Federation.


  4. Felix

    Hi y’all, Felix here, First of all, thanks for allowing ya mans to flex a little a couple episodes back. Everything i worked on recently is now out, the romcom anime i worked on is out and i got to draw some anime fanservice (mutiple boobs) as well as a kitty (man named felix fulfills destiny of animating a cat) lmao. I wont say what show it is because its kinda mid if im being honest. Otherwise was happy to hear Sterling and Aaron again as always on the last couple episodes. Hope sterling is doing ok.

    First thing, just an update on comixology, they recently updated the app to make purchasing comics in the app not a thing anymore, you have to use the busted ass website now. ive given up on buying comics for now. when i continue purchasing itll be at a local shop. Cant believe how utterly and completely they’ve killed digital comics ownership.

    On the She-hulk trailer, While i am enthusiastic for obvious reasons, i am somehwat disappointed in the direction they went. mostly on the lack of muscle definition outside her arms and legs. I still want her to choke me to death but would have liked more “murder me mommy” energy. Still a 10/10 first look and must watch regardless haha.

    So on miss marvel, that first run was what got me into reading comcis regularly back when the first few issues were out so you probably wont be surprised to hear i was one of the people extremely disappointed about the powers change. I still am but that first episode got everything about her character and personality so right, i was able to enjoy the show regardless. while i miss that major moment in the first couple issues with her shapeshifting, what they’re doing so far i have liked. im hoping they still can squeeze stuff in but the show is knocking it out of the park so far. i especially like the change to her parents. the comics (and the avengers game that featured her) focus heavily on her dad but i liked them giving her mum more to do and making their dynamic more equal. it still has the incredibly relatable immigrant parents content i loved in the comics, i love seeing the stories we are getting from the kids of immgrants about this particular experience growing up. every version no matter where the parents are from is comically accurate and i cant wait for yet another version to have the parents not be too bad because as immigrant kids we still want our parents to like the thing we made and not be mad lol, just like turning red, encanto etc..

    On the topic of Obi-wan ive been enjoying the series thoroughly, esecially Reva, she very much reminds me of the Rae Sloane character from the novels, she even has her own paralell of sloane’s rival Gallius Rax in the other inquisitors. I’m so looking forward to seeing which way she goes as in rae sloanes case she doubled down on the black villainy. Hope Reva keeps the same energy but wont be upset if she becomes a good guy haha. Episode 4 was kinda slower than the first 3 but still a blast, cant wait to see how the story unfolds. I havent read the vader comics regularly like you guys but i very much got the same vibe with vader in this series as the few issues i have read. The physicality is so good, love the energy our boi Hayden is giving him. Still cant believe us prequel kids are winning this hard. Hope the kids growing up on star wars now have the same energy because all the disgusting hater ass “fans” trolling the internet can’t win again and infect the whole discourse with their hateful takes. I wont allow it.

    On a couple anime, please tell me yall saw the cyberpunk edgerunners trailer! very excited to see what trigger does with the property after how the game did. they might be able to salvage the franchise. The new castlevania is looking insane already. the trailer already showcasing some dope designwork. the new main charatcter looks awesome. and lastly, vampire in the garden on netflix was an amazing series. made me think of the days when we would get 5 episode miniseries OVA’s but in this case they just put it out all at once on netflix. I loved working on boruto because of Tetsuya Nishio’s amazing work designing on the naruto franchise all these years so seeing him get to go back to what he does best, designing unique characters for an original series was a blessing to see. you can see his touch throughout the 5 episodes since he was able to direct the animation and give every drawing his care in a way he cant for a long running series like naruto/boruto. I highly reccomend if you want a short and sweet, beautiful and very gay action/horror anime.

    thats all for now haha, had to make up for missing an episode becuase i was doing my taxes lol. Love y’all, Felix out.

    Don’t read this part out loud on the show but I have also been posting my buff people drawings on twitter over the last month so you can take a gander if you feel like over at @SakugaDaichi. I will be posting a she-hulk painting next week. 🙂

  5. rodimusprime

    G’Day everybody,

    Did you see the Ahsoka teaser that leaked during the Star Wars celebration? Im a huge Rebels fan & the news & teaser from the celebration have me ready for all of it.

    Obi-Wan has been good so far & I enjoyed the first episode of Ms Marvel as well.

    Thanks to Astronaut Aaron for putting me on to Bugsnax & Tunic on game pass. I enjoyed both, bugsnax was strange though

    I also finished the Guardians of the Galaxy game & now I’m playing the Jurassic World 2 park builder. Game pass is so good.

    Once I finish the Jurassic game, I’ve got lego star wars waiting for me. Also, a nice little bonus for me is that my job recently added Xbox gift cards to the discount program they have. So I get 10% off them now as well.

    But for now, I’m gonna finish building this Lego Optimus Prime that just came out so I can pose it like its fighting my Lego Voltron.

    Have a good 1


  6. PamelaM8

    Greetings to Rod, Karen, and esteemed guests! This will be long.

    First off, you don’t miss on your show recommendations; whatever y’all like, I just add to my watch list, no matter how long it takes for me to get it, I will. It’s Memorial Day weekend and I blitzed through all the seasons on both Aggretsuko (RAGE!!) and Love, Death and Robots. Fantastic, both! But especially Love, Death and Robots. So many compelling stories from authors that I’ve actually read! So many different animation styles so you don’t get bored! My favorites from this last season were Three Robots, Mason’s Rats and Night of the Mini Dead. Here’s hoping both shows keep going, but you never know with all of the recent cuts.

    I’ve been making my way through all of the premium content these pandemic years and I’m now on the Nerd Off. It’s wild how all the things that you were talking about then I’m reconnecting with right now. Here’s just some of the many hits of Nerd Off 48:

    Karen going off on the Fable game that she didn’t have immediate access to and had to wait twenty minutes to get online to play and Rod putting that Ether beat underneath her cussing.

    The end of Y: The Last Man and how it was a little bit sad, and yes, it broke my heart! I teared up remembering the end of that series.

    How ridiculous Jurassic World was. Sterling didn’t like it at all and Rod and Karen enjoyed it for all of its ridiculousness. Me too! They played it on TV this week in advance of Jurassic World Dominion in June and I was laughing at all of the same silly s***! Why would your dumb a** walk into that compound where that thing resides if you didn’t know EXACTLY where it was? That’s why your dumb a** got ATE UP! Ha ha ha ha ha! I cackled!

    Rod reading Chew by John Layman, which I also read and enjoyed!

    Kriss reading The Boys!

    I could go on and on about JUST THIS EPISODE, but I’ve gone on long enough. Thank you both for your unique perspective and news that I can’t get anywhere else!


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