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2533: The War Report

Rod and Karen are joined by Shalewa Sharpe and Gastor Almonte of The War Report Podcast to discuss how they met, why they started their podcast, Gastor’s comedian origin story, Biggie MTA cards, Biden admin trying to free Brittney Griner, flip phone gets the police called on man, Meta bans employees discussing abortion at work, Flavor Flav is the father, Too Short didn’t approve Kevin Samuels, John Mulaney turns off fans by letting Chappelle open for him, 7 fascinating facts about female masturbation, runner dies during BK half marathon, cops spot arsonist from their car, wife frames husband for child porn, man fakes kidnapping and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Great guests. I checked out the war report and really enjoyed their podcast. Thanks for putting me on to another good one.

  2. brooklynshoebabe

    Don’t let New York niggas fool you, we don’t like the summer. Be on a crowded subway platform in July and see if someone says “this ain’t nothing.” Granted, there will be a brother in Timbs, denim. shorts, a tank and a durag. complaining “it’s too hot for this shit.” lol. Also, who couldn’t tell Gastor isn’t from Brooklyn? One time I called a customer service line and the lady asked if I was from Brooklyn. (She was from somewhere down south.) When I said “yes,” she joked that she could tell because of the forceful way I said my name.

    Anywho, I loved this episode and the discovery of The War Report. My kids and I discovered Shalewa in 2020 from a YouTube clip, and we have added “alright white boy” to our regular slang whenever a famous white man does something unproblematic.

    Finally, Too Short criticizing Kevin Samuels’ is the irony of all ironies.

  3. ApiafromGermany

    Now I really want to know about the guy who had to be cut out the show because he talked shit on the podcast.
    Without names is fine.
    What was it?

    A. Covid doesn’t exist
    B. Those bitches want to get their ass grabbed!
    C. Asian people are like: ( insert some stereotypes)

  4. mizzbarnes

    This is why I love this show….putting me on to other podcasts. I have added The War Report, along with others to my podcast lists. This show had me giggling like hell on a Sunday morning. The hydration thing hit close to home for me. I was supposed to meet a friend of my mine for drinks recently, but she had an emergency and had to cancel because her son all of a sudden fainted and hit his head on the concrete. In the ER, it was discovered that it was severe dehydration. Thank God he is recovering, but with summer coming up, just keep that water with you at all times!

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