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2534: The Official Juneteenth™ Ice Cream

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, Flavor Flav child support update, a senior prank has consequences, George Bush slips up again,  NY senate limiting rap lyrics being used in court, Chris Brown Las Vegas residency, Kevin Samuels news, baby formula news, Netflix fires more employees, Juneteenth Walmart Ice Cream, Josh Donaldson suspension, poopertrator, sergeant poops himself, Go Topless Jeep Weekend and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Mdiarra

    I love my people but I swear to God this is always both hilarious and frustrating. I wanted that juneteenth ice cream! I know they have creamalicious and stuff, but its hard to find in my area up north and now its fully sold out online. and before that it was like 30 dollars with another 10 dollars shipping for 4 pints when i just wanted 1! So at least let me get the coon version! I think the Trademark thing is the only thing that actually pissed me off about this.
    I know folks wanted Juneteenth to be recognized nationally by all of America, and I think part of that holiday being recognized is that Companies will capitalize on it because now its known outside of the Black Diaspora. Now just like Memorial day, Pride, etc, we will see heavy commercialization of it and its one of those things where if companies dont put anything out for Juneteenth but do for say Pride or another holiday, there def will be a contingent of folks who will complain, because when we expect Companies to be “woke” this will always be the response. Capitalizing on the event as a sign of virtue signaling.

  2. Indica.Arie

    I fully understand the outrage….but that flavor sounds delicious and I just want a bite

  3. ApiafromGermany

    Here are my important thoughts on the exportation of juneteenth:

    “404 Not Found”
    I’m not so stupid as to commenting this as a white person from Europe ha!

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