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2535: It Is Always Mourning In America

Rod and Karen discuss another mass shooting, Kanye West’s campaign had money stolen, the power grid is predicted to fail this summer, congressman blames transgender person for school shooting, Nick Cannon has another baby on the way, Walmart apologizes for Juneteenth ice cream, Tyler Fischer crying racism, Bill Cassidy wants to not count Black women in maternal death rate, boy snitches on drunk driving mom, author of How To Murder Your Husband found guilty, woman arrested for shooting outside the strip club and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Blk_Caesar21

    I’m tired…so god damned tired. All I’m seeing is politicians, reporters, and twitter saying “we gotta do something!” and not offering a fucking solution to the problem. I’m gonna super transparent and tell you that I’m a gun owner. I own more than a few and for no other reason than I like to shoot. As an engineer, I think guns are cool and that’s really it. I don’t need them…at all! At the same time, I know I shouldn’t be able to own some of the guns I have because I don’t need a 30 round magazine to hunt or protect my home. Either way, my hypocritical ass waltzed into a gun shop at the top of the pandemic and walked out with an AK47 15 minutes later. I’m done trying to speak for the responsible gun owners since they care about guns over kids so maybe they’ll listen to pissed off irresponsible one. There’s more guns in this country than there are people. If they tried to round up all those AKs and AR-15s, we would be looking at Civil War 2.0. That’s just a fact. White men clutch their guns because they feel it’s a the only thing stopping black and brown folks from getting revenge for slavery and other injustices throughout history. So what’s next legislation? Sandy Hook didn’t do shit and these dead brown children won’t do anything either. You’re right Rod, anything other than the Australian approach to mass shootings in this country WILL NOT WORK! So what’s next, liability insurance? Make every gun owner buy liability insurance for their guns. You do something stupid with your gun from a negligent discharge to bodily harm then you’re financially responsible. I know that won’t bring a loved one back after a tragedy, but fuck, it’s a start. You wanna own 20 guns (present company included) then you need 20 individual policies for those weapons. Costs depending on the type of gun and magazine capacity and guess what? I’d sell my shit tomorrow! You want to buy a gun? Let’s go talk to your therapist. You don’t have one? Well let’s figure out if you’re a danger to yourself or others. These niggas talking about the great replacement theory all while exterminating themselves with death by suicide at the highest rate in the country. You want still wanna own a gun? Drag your ass down to the range twice a year and pay to pass a safety and operation exam to own it. Oh? You own 20 guns? Bring them too and yes you have to pay and pass qualification for each and every single one. You have children in your home, but you don’t own a safe? Disqualified! You threaten gun violence online? Disqualified! Make owning a gun so inconvenient that half the gun owners say fuck it. When I was in the military and went for my security clearance, someone interviewed my mom, dad, best friends, previous employers and coworkers. They looked at my finances to see who I owed money to, they, talked to my therapist, they requested my parents immigration paperwork…they got all in my shit. I just don’t see why that can’t be applied to gun purchases. These are death machines designed to kill, maim, and destroy whatever is in front of it. It’s not a prop, political statement, or even a god given right. Before we can even discuss legislation, we need a serious culture shift around guns and gun ownership. Unfortunately, we live in a society that worships the gun and it’s filled with armed people who have never heard the word no. And for all the dummies who say that “if we get rid of all the guns, then only the criminals will have them…” If you removed all the drugs off the street right now, is the price of the brick going up or down?! Clearly these niggas never seen an episode of The Wire. I’m sorry for the rant, but I got too much skin in the game to be quiet and I’m tired and becoming numb to this shit. I have elementary age kids and my wife is a middle school teacher. She’s underpaid, can’t even use a math book with black people in it, but hey…give her a gun in the classroom is shit goes left. FOH! If giving up all my guns secured a promise of safety for my family, say less…it’s done. Unfortunately, these “responsible gun owners” and ammosexuals are too bitch made to speak out against the fuckery in the firearm community or even fathom the idea of a nationwide gun buyback program or even a national digital registry. Love y’all and love the show….

  2. EvieE

    Honestly I’m so numb to all the shooting. I have to protect my head and my heart by not going doing the rabbit hole on social media. I knew nothing would change when that softball game got shot up.

    As for Nick cannon he’s turning out to be a scum bag. You can’t have all those kids with different women and have a full relationship with them all. It doesn’t matter if he’s wealthy. I’m sure those kids would rather have the emotional support and his time. I keep thinking about that Iyanla episode where the man is holding all those baby dolls. Smh

  3. Joe Spacely

    Walmart did that ice cream thing all wrong. Don’t actually call the ice cream “Juneteenth”, and if you do, there has to be a special brand extension for it. Can’t just stick it under the Great Value label – we all know that’s just generic. Walmart is barely in the community – where I live, they didn’t bother coming into the big bad city until they had exhausted all other options for growth in the surrounding areas. But now they want to stick a trademark on it? I know it doesn’t mean they own the name, but that TM was very prominent. They should have tried to get this placed under the Patti Labelle “Good Life” label, or create a new Black extension.

    This might not have worked either, but it wouldn’t have looked as ham-fisted as slapping “Juneteenth” on a Great Value ice cream tub.

  4. ApiafromGermany

    I listen to the ” Jackie and Laurie show” two great female comedians in their 50.
    They talked about how after the pandemic break lots of clubs went back to only hire straight white male comics and only maybe 1 of 10 hires is a ” diverse”, meaning a non stright white man. So I don’t really believe this poor guy who claims to be a victim of anti white racism. From the sales point of view I understand him. It’s a great way to get work from right wing media outlets. He doesn’t have to be good, just acceptable to be their new hero.
    I personally am bored very by the typical white bro comic and always glad to hear different voices.

  5. ApiafromGermany

    From another continent the shootings and the reactions seem kind of bizarre.

    1. A terrible shooting happens.
    2. People send thoughts and prayers.
    3. Sane people point our that there are too many, too easy available guns in America.
    4. Insane people, unfortunately the other half say that in fact more guns are needed. A gun for every child and teacher. A gun for every dog. This would help for sure. They try to blame someone they don’t like for the shooting like BLM, trans people or Greta T.
    5. Nothing changes.
    6. A new shooting happens.

  6. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Good Morning Roger and Karen. I am still playing catch-up on the podcast for the past two weeks. I miss being in the chat, so last night was a treat.
    Rod is right about guns being the problem for mass shootings in America. But unfortunately, it is harder to vote than purchase a gun. My co-workers think that if everyone prayed and trusted God, the mass shootings would stop. I am so tired of America and all the violence.

    • ApiafromGermany

      So far all those prayers don’t really seem to help….

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