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2540: Five Star Refresh


Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. LaKeta Chism-Williams

    Per the poll, I follow Queen Elizabeth SO little, that when I heard Prince Phillip was sick, I said “…WHO?” But I kinda understand the fascination with royalty, especially when it’s so foreign to Americans.

  2. blakwidohwheniwanna

    The sympathy for AH is just folks who let white tears influence them. She was caught numerous times lying, she doctored & staged photos, & sold info to/tipped off the media to make their home dysfunction public info. It isn’t about whether abuse occurred but whether she went out of her way to make that man look like a monster in the public eye. She has a history of documented abusive & manipulative behavior & the trial put the spotlight on that & is why I think she lost. Yes she got some coin for what the lawyer insinuated but Johnny never purposely called TMZ & fed them info to defame her.

    This trial doesn’t set back those who are abused &tell their stories without naming names, it sets back ol Carolyn Bryant ass liars like AH. They can no longer get away with white lies soaked in white tears & be seen as victims.

  3. Mdiarra

    So one thing I wanted to add on the complexities of the Heard -Depp trial in the US. This was something a lawyer friend of mine talked about and now my third eye started opening so forgive me if im way off base but here goes.

    This trial was a jury trial (meaning regular folks would be judging the outcome of this) vs a bench trial (judge rules on this, normally someone who has a better understanding of what defamation is and isnt). And part of this being a jury trial is that the jury was not sequestered (basically holed off in a room until the trial ended with little or low information of the outside). My friend said for such a high profile case it wouldn’t be weird to sequester a Jury to ensure they arent influenced by the outside.

    So my logic is if both you and Karen were still getting hella information/ memes and about this trial and yall were almost actively avoiding it, I can’t imagine how badly the algorithm or whatever hit the Jury who were literally at the trial. The judges normally tell folks to ignore outside influence and information, and also to not have that influence you, but as we are all human I could totally see folks leaning one type of way or another through just a few minutes of those memes. or conflating those memes as evidence that they probably heard in the trial too.

    Now thats all speculative, but we know how even slight news media observance can change peoples views on a situation especially if its not challenged in their regular media sources.

    So now im thinking, not only was the daily wire trying to influence how folks view women who talk about abuse. but also influence this trial by flooding the news cycles with bad press on Amber Heard. and I could see them running this again for other high profile civil cases.

    Aight time to close my third eye. I hope my overly suspicious rantings made some sort of sense. Im saying this concentrated effect to tar and feather Heard for basic shit while allowing horrible shit that Depp said on trial as cutesy “oh Depp what a silly goof you are” type shit slide is wild. And I lost a lot of respect for folks who I thought were progressive and woke and understood when a media narrative was too simplistic and required nuance and actually examining the situation.

  4. reallydarkknight

    Karen and husband,

    I know I haven’t written in a minute, but I had to mention how foul Rod is. Right after you answered the question telling us that you are responsible for putting the ads in where you want them, here comes a damned ad. Trifling!

    By the way, the ad jump to another episode happens only on my phone. And it happens on that premium since I’m experiencing that. I’m on the premium because ya boy has that guap. Hide the money, y’all!


  5. ApiafromGermany

    I’m glad that the Johny – Amber trial is over. It was everywhere and his PR team deserves some award. Everyday some accounts that made fun of Amber were suggested to me on Instagram. The joy many people felt in humiliating her felt like in a witch trial to me. I think they had a terrible relationship and if I never hear anything about it again I’m absolutely fine with it.

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