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2541: Dr. Umar Getting The White Digits?

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, Mo’Nique going at DL Hughley still, John Gray accused of cheating again, Vivica Fox on Jada Pinkett Smith, Michael B Jordan and Lori Harvey split, Abby De La Rosa pregnancy announcement, alligator snipers, catcalling outlawed in Spain, Dr. Umar talking to a white woman, Charles Book noose campaign ad, Watermelon Salad for Juneteenth, Christian Cooper TV show, the Slutty Vegan raises 25 mil, Tabitha Brown Target collab, woman runs over boyfriend, hit and run murder, Florida man robs bank and sword ratchetness.

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  1. veroyque

    It’s happened! A sword ratchetness story in my hometown of Oxnard! I think Oxnard or Ventura may have appeared in the segment before, not sure. I was distracted listening but knew something was familiar when I heard Rod talking about northbound 101 and Victoria, and had to rewind.

  2. LaKeta Chism-Williams

    On the topic of DL & Mo…I know as elder blacks, they’ve both said or done some problematic things. But I’ve still held respect for both. HOWEVER, Mo’Nique has been on some other shit for a minute. At least I can *witness* DL’s growth & it takes a big person to publicly admit your missteps & apologize. I can fuck with that. I can’t root for Mo right now, who publicizes ALL her grievances, but has yet to recognize that SHE’S the common denominator. It’s sad to see. Like DL, I hope she seeks out some *inner* work. It’s never too late to learn & grow. Also, Corey Holcomb KNOW he aint shit!


  3. ApiafromGermany

    The concept of racist food is very confusing and this comes from someone who lives in Germany and lives 95% vegetarian. ( no wurst for me!)
    The stereotypical foods are something that exists everywhere in the world and is used by capitalism.

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