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2546: We Ain’t Got It!

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, Mo’Nique’s sister weighs in, Sriracha shortage, Amazon dropping free Whole Foods delivery, heatwave coming to US, 2k for 100 roaches in your crib, invasive worms, petty elephant shows up at the funeral of woman it killed, tampon shortage, Umar Johnson clears the record, Kid Rock doubles down on Oprah diss, Black Capitalists, man falls through roof of church, rapper arrested for living his raps, woman shoots manager for not re-hiring her and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    There isn’t enough money in the world to get me to allow someone to release 100 roaches in my house. Once they get in it’s hard getting them out. Especially when they start laying eggs. 2k isn’t enough especially since it costs that much to fill your tank up.

  2. brooklynshoebabe

    Clearly, Rod has read all of Period Power! Where you at Mike B? Seriously, though, thank you for saying that men menstruate too. I’m a staunch period equity advocate, and I talk to kids, teens, and parents about the importance of de-gendering discussions about menstruation. Love this episode.

  3. ApiafromGermany

    I switched from tampons to a period cup maybe 5 years ago and I will not go back.
    The upside:I have two of them, clean them and never have to spend money or time or thoughts on tampons again. Extra bonus: there is no waste. In the beginning it was a little bit work to get used to it now I’m a pro! I can highly recommend them.

  4. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Five Stars for the show art! Barneisha in a satin cap and gold bangled earrings! I need this on a shirt!

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