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2547: From Malcolm Lil’ Debbie To Malcolm Chex

Rod and Karen are joined by comedian Roy Wood Jr to discuss his snacktivism, the Montrez Harrell getting caught with weed and Father’s Day gifts. After the interview we discuss Lizzo changing her song after criticism, Amber Heard dealing with rumors she was cut from Aquaman 2, Tyler Perry was de-escalating at the Oscars, AL police shoot and kill man outside of school, James Patterson apologizes, Wells Fargo has another racial scandal, police officer sentence for throwing out clean urine test, woman impersonates her daughter at school for 2 years, McDonald’s employee shoots manager and sword ratchetness.

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  1. HiroJa

    I came for the Popeyes chicken chronicle update very disappointed.

  2. EvieE

    I have totally stopped taking reviews seriously even restaurants reviews. If people don’t get their water glasses refilled immediately they give restaurants one star and you have this weird trend where so called influences give bad reviews because the restaurants didn’t comp them. Reviews on anything these days don’t hold much salt to me before.

  3. Cappadonna

    Rod’s frustration with modern music and movie reviews is the Venn Diagram between super woke reviews and gamergate screeching. I didn’t come for your political diatribes, I just want to know if the Obi-Wan was good or not.

    Ultimately, a lot of these “reviews” are personal gripes about things that are tangential or unrelated to the medium itself. Half these people need to log off and “get right with God”, i.e. work their own shit out.

  4. Steven_B

    Rod, I’m pretty sure I listened to the review you’re talking about, and I couldn’t finish it.

    I don’t mind hearing a little about how music made someone feel, it’s art, that’s what it’s supposed to do; but they seemed more focused on diagnosing the artist and their expectations for them than anything else.

    Welp, gotta consider the source with this one. I mostly enjoy their work, but they are not music critics. Twitter PhDs and music reviews don’t mix.

    Speaking of Twitter, I think the change in reviews is based more on the rise of social media and streaming than it is how a generation thinks.

    You can listen to new music now with little to no money or effort. There’s no risk of buying something you don’t like and no reward in reading a review, unless you’re looking for validation on how the art made you feel. That’s where social media kicks in, folks can get opinions from people that they “know” in their bubble and find that validation.

    I would imagine that’s leading to a change in how reviews are done? I wouldn’t know, I haven’t read one in years.

    Alright, let me wrap this up before I end up with a Twitter degree of my own.

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