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2548: Blacked Season 5

Rod and Karen are joined by comedian and cohost of Drunk Black History Brandon Collins to discuss moving to LA, working as a writer, pitching, imposter syndrome, coordinating events in the pandemic, WHO changing the name of Monkeypox, olive oil shorage coming, Mo’Nique reaches settlement with Netflix, Jerrod Carmichael on Dave Chappelle, Saucy Santana has old tweets dug up, woman spits on corpse in casket, man arrested for carjacking street sweeper, men steal 1,100 gallons of diesel and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I belly laughed when Y’all talked about the ninja nigga. That took me back to high school, when there was this strange white girl who would eat her ice cream sandwiches with a fork and wore kitty cat ears everyday. She was quiet and didn’t bother anyone. Well this black girl who terrorized a bunch of students she thought she could beat up set her sights on this girl. She would snatch off the white girl’s kitty ears and stomp on them and would intentionally bump into the girl and call her names. Someone told the bully not to mess with that girl because she knew karate . The bully saw this as a challenge so one day the white girl was eating lunch with her equally strange friends and the bully threw her lunch on the ground and called the white girl some name and when I tell you that white girl had a hulk moment, she whooped this bully’s ass like her name was Chun Li. One of the few times I rooted for the white person in a fight. That black girl was clowned for the rest of high school.
    Moral of the story, leave the weird kids alone, they may know karate or have access to a gun.

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