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PG 334: Big Oops Energy

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss Rod’s dad doing some work for Justin’s mom, the DOJ going after Trump, Bey dropping a new album, Drake dropping a new album, getting the car fixed again, Stay Sweet Pray and Obey, Gladbeck, Greanleaf, listener feedback and a woman fired from her job over tweeting about her coworkers.


  1. Mdiarra

    Hey all,
    Some Mess recommendation for Justin. Have you watched seeking sister wives on TLC Justin? This new season they got this Black man who got two white wives. The wives both are the only ones working and they say hes jobless cause he likes to “think and theorize”. My man is a finesse God! Whole show with these couples are way too much mess smh.

    Also sidenote. But I just learned that the TMZ video where Alfonso Ribiero talks about how he loves blonde white womens, he raps at the end. and hes just rapping about white women getting fucked. why do i not remember that! The number of times yall played that video I never went and watched the full minute and 30 seconds of it.

  2. trey_swindu744

    Hey Rod ,Karen and Justin,

    Rod I’m so glad to see you finally checking out ‘Greenleaf’ I remember Justin watching and mentioning the show when it originally aired on OWN . I’m always happy to see more people discover the messiness that was ‘Greenleaf’ .

    Also glad to hear you mentioned ‘Tokyo Vice’ and how much you loved it ! I swear HBO Max has so many gems on their streaming app !

    Thanks again,


  3. fyahworks

    Greetings rod Karen and Justin

    This is in response to Justin from 2 weeks ago
    I’ve see all of Danny’s work, east bound and down and vice principals! I make it my business to understand and follow the reviews and jokes made about tv shows as much as possiBle! I haven’t watched everything that’s discussed but Atleast 90% of it!

    With that being said I started “they call me magic “ on Apple TV I’m 4 episodes in. Have you guys got a chance to watch this?

    Cookie still look good years later! But it’s pretty good so far! (Yes I saw winning time lol!)

    Appreciate you guys

    Have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out

  4. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    I was listening to the Pregame premium episode this week (shoutout to the $5 just-the-tip). About Drake’s album…I’m sorry .


  5. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod, Karen and Justin,

    I just wanted to clarify my comments about Laz Alonso and The Boys from the last episode. I want Laz to get his moment this season because Mother’s Milk is the only one of “The Boys” who we don’t have a background story for. We know how and why The Butcher, Hughie, Frenchie and Kimiko came to be where they are in life, but we lack this information for Mother’s Milk.

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