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BDS 444: Tim Anderson’s Triple Play

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Montrez Harrell arrested, Ron Rivera fines Del Rio, Pat Perez’s wife getting spicy, Nick Young vs Blueface, Fake Klay Thompson banned, Brittney Griner, Tim Anderson triple play, Van Gundy defends Mark Jackson, poll about trans athletes, George Washington changing nickname, Condoleezza Rice on Deshuan Watson, Drake pops bottles after winning intramural championship, Katya Elise totting a gut full of Herro again, Trevon Diggs called out again, Kyrie gets destroyed over tweet, Lebron might not extend with LA, Taylor Rooks to Thursday Night Football, Stephen A news, ref dies after being attacked, Liam Hendricks, Anheuser-Busch no longer only alcohol for Super Bowl, Robert Kraft’s happy ending back in the news, Jeff Gladney crash update and Brittany Mahomes.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and The Jooklyn Nets,

    I hope all is well.


    Not since Loretta Lynch and DoJ arrested the FIFA people have we seen someone get locked up like when Andrew Wiggins arrested Jayson Tatum for multiple counts for basketball fraud. Wiggins got him a ring before James Harden, Chris Paul, the Sixers or before Ben Simmons attempted a 3 point shot. You absolutely love to see it. Know what else you love to see? The Warriors have clearly seen and heard everything folks said about them since KD left cuz goddamn.

    They say heavy sits the crown as Steph Curry embraces his pettiness, but the secret to Steph’s strength is dragging Draymond’s ass to another ring. Draymond’s playstyle aged worse than every Rust Belt city beating it all on steel. Granted, Draymond play throughout the playoffs has been like steel: heavy, rigid and immobile. When Draymond gets into the Hall of Fame, I wanna preemptively thank all the RINGZZZ debate people for making it possible. It’d be one thing if Draymond has a steady decline in his play but that pic of Draymond shooting with a backpack is a few years old.

    Draymond with the backpack, for reference: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DvUWBi0UwAEq_Og.jpg

    Where do y’all think Boston goes from here? I don’t mean that in the “they need to blow it up” sense but rather how do they fix a team that seems like they quit?

    So the Brooklyn Nets are really about to resign Kyrie Irving so they can keep KD and Kyrie can keep being Kyrie? I’m impressed cuz this sounds like something that should happen to the Knicks cuz it’s hilarious.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thanks as always for the dope shows! Especially the return of the Father’s Day tradition of having Rod’s dad come onto the show!


  2. rodimusprime

    What up, niggas! Just writing in to give props to all the Warriors fans out there.They’re not my team (Go Lakers and Hornets), but I fux with the boys from the Bay. I enjoy watching them and they were my pick to win this title in 6. Shout out to them for making me look good on that prediction. Justin, are you going to the ceremony when they induct Steph and Klay into the Light Skinned Hall Of Fame? I’ll save you a seat if need be. Them niggas, especially Steph balled the fuck out in the Finals. What they gon say about him now?!?!?! I think all the legacy talk folks get into is stupid, but this was definitely accomplishment for Steph’s resume.

    I told niggas it wasn’t over for them when that had that streak of bad luck, and look at them now. The coldest part is that now that everyone is healthy the league will have to worry about Golden State for the next few years. We’ll see if they win any more rings, but they’ll definitely be in the mix. Anyway, that’s it for now. Thanks for all the great Premium content in addition to the regular shows. Nothing but love and appreciation to each of you. Aight, I’m out. Peace.

    L Brothers

  3. fyahworks

    Greetings rod, Karen, and Justin

    1. So Michael Rubin is selling us 10% stake in the sixers to focus more on his fanatics brand. He bought it 10 years ago for 290 million. Maybe dom can purchase that!

    2. Detroit offloaded that huge jerami grant contract and sent him to Portland along with some draft swaps, word is Detroit is looking at picking up Ayton! Being that Phoenix and Ayton had issues in the playoffs about max contracts, you guys think he will go? Or leave Phoenix period? Free agency starts next week.

    3. So Charlotte still has no coach, Kenny Atkinson had accepted the job, then moonwalked out there a week later. Hopefully that gets resolved soon. Will mj come down from the skybox and coach?

    4. Justin the new talk is Kyrie and the nets are at odds, he has no leverage with the nets, and now they saying Kyrie to the lakers could be a real thing, although they can only afford to pay him 32 million less than Brooklyn. But Kyrie is the same Nigga saying “what is money?“ what are your thoughts on Kyrie in la? If they said they keeping westbrook, how all these pieces gon work? Now you will have 3 ball dominant players !!

    5. Lastly, why every player that’s on the market in the nba, you always see Knicks are showing interest, and they never end up with that player?

    Y’all have a good one
    Love the shows

    Fyahworks out

  4. J-Full

    That Montrez story is a cyse. 3 pounds of weed ain’t nothing. Nobody on an active NBA contract would be selling weed in that quantity. That’s like $1500 worth of weed, max. Them cops just being racist.

    Also Draymond bout to have the worst stats of anybody in the Hall of Fame. That 4th ring locked up his spot even though he’ll likely be progressively sorrier for the rest of his career.

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