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2553: Stay Inside Kids

Rod and Karen are joined by comedian / writer / producer Tim Barnes to discuss growing up nerdy, how he got his start in comedy, the time he broke up a blow job while working at a movie theater, moving from LA to Chicago to NYC, performing stand up, working on The Late Night Show with Jimmy Kimmel, Star Wars fans, his new Comedy Central animated short “Maurice On Mars” and the “Yub Nub” Podcast.

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  1. veroyque

    Great interview and fun guest!

  2. HiroJa

    I have been a geek all my life. Indoctrinated as child to have a love for all things nerd mostly Sci-Fi. But when I hit middle school I started running into problems at home and at school because being a Geek/Nerd was not considered very femininit. This would cause me to shut down for a long time and I would not talk for a period of time in my life about my love all things Geek. It was not until College that I would be very open about it , because I found people who did not judge me for being a Woman (most of the time) .

  3. Cappadonna

    I was the nerdy kid my hood, too. My churchy mama thought I was worshipping the Devil for a hot minute because I read a lot fantasy and horror books. Pops was just happy he had to save up for debate club trips and not bail or court fees.

    And shout out to the Inland Empire – because I live ten minutes from the freaky theater where Tim worked. And now, I need to bring even more bleach wipes for the seats.

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