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2552: The Holy Ghost Runs The Light

Rod and Karen are joined by comedian KevOnStage to discuss the success of his Keep Your Distance shows, treating people you work with well, getting bumped by the Holy Ghost, dealing with social media draggings, the StageKrew fans, gas prices, producing your own content as an independent company, working with your spouse and the ins and outs of filming a TV show.

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Have you ever been in church rooting against the Holy Ghost taking too long?


  1. mizzbarnes

    “..in between blessings..’ breathed all kinds of life in me!

    It’s always a good time to be had with KevonStage and the Stage Krew aka The Stage-hive, but with excellent manners. They show up, they show out, they spend money, they know the dates of events…they on it! I’m suprised that we did not hit a thousand in the chat and I know Crowdcast was like, here’s your bill….lol!

  2. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Five Stars! When our favorite uncle/dad/godfather comes on the podcast, the jokes and laughter are infectious. One of the best episodes of 2022!

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