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BDS 446: WAGS In Season

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, The Nets falling apart, NBA off season fighting, Formula 1 racism, DeShaun Watson updates, Sha’Carri Richardson fails to qualify again, Tennis player claims he slept with 2500 women, Draymond Green getting spicy on his podcast, Kendrick Perkins busting back, Paul George gets married, Carmelo sending multiple women the same flowers, PJ Washington gets new GF’s name tatted on him, Kliff Kingsbury vacations with PAWG, Patrick Mahomes gender reveal announcement, Sophie Cunningham says fuck Tina Charles, Stephen A responds to Kyrie, dad texting escort at MLB game, Andrew Bogut shades Kendall Jenner, Kevin Love wed, Brittney Griner gets 6 more months, Miles Bridges DV charge, Naomi Osaka new media company name, Westbrook’s wife calls out Skip, Cam Newton’s submissive girlfriend and Freddie Freeman fires his agent.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod,

    This is Brea. I have written a few times and met you and Karen a few as well. The ONLY reason I am writing today is to tell you I CANNOT WAIT to hear you all talk about Third Trimester Tristan and his SECOND baby with Khloe. When I saw this last night the first thing I thought was Khloe is a dummy. The second thing I thought was Balls Deep gonna be FIRE tomorrow.

    That’s all. Can’t wait to hear the show. I love you guys so much and am so happy for the success you’ve had this past year.

    Take care!

  2. MrHilton

    Hey Rod, hey K.Easy, hey Jic Mensa! Hope all is in the hood. Another great episode by the dynamic duo. . and you too Rod. I hate that no matter how bad I want to go down a rabbit hole by googling (WAGS & TMZ) Honestly. . . “Your Fave Could Neva!!” find the dope, detailed, dedicated, deep dive into sports analytics i get from you and Justin’s ballz. I really enjoy the shows take on athletics overall The respect everyone extends & receives when its time for opinions is amazing, not to mention the transitions are better than Draymond Green’s.

  3. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jarolina Panthers,

    So are the Panthers going to fire Matt Ruhle and their whole front off after this season or do y’all think Tepper will get an early start and fire Ruhle midway through the season, cuz whoever is evaluating these QBs ain’t it. Was there a rush on fireworks throughout North Carolina as the white people that hated Cam Newton celebrated the Panthers trading basically nothing in terms of picks to get a relative nothing QB? Remember last season when folks tried to hype up Sam Darnold running the ball? Bad news is that Baker is more than willing to run the ball despite being exponentially slower than Darnold. Panthers play the Browns in the season opener and that game is gonna look like two flaming dumpsters smacking into each other.

    I’d be remiss to not admit how much fun Baker’s rookie season and the 11 win season were. Best Browns memory I have ever had and *will ever have* was watching them beat the dog shit outta the Steelers in the playoffs. I really thought the Browns were gonna end up keeping Baker to play after Watson got suspended cuz that would be the nonsense I’m used to.

    Since college football basically turning into ESPN (Disney) Presents: The SEC and Fox Sports Presents: The Big Ten, which conference do y’all want UNC to end up in? I don’t like any of this conference realignment. I’m gonna laugh my ass off as USC and UCLA players shiver to death on Minnesota’s sideline like the Doner party, but I like the traditions of college football and playing mostly the same folks. These moves feel less like they’re cutting the dope with baking soda and instead swearing that sealed Arm N Hammer box is scented coke.

    Thanks as always for the fire content,


  4. Teamwombraider

    Hello Rod, Karen & Jaker Mayfield!

    Thank you for another week of sports hilarity. I enjoyed your insight on Former Braves player Freddy Freemon. Some outlets of MLB media, gave a narrative that Freddy, a Braves farm player, moved up the ranks to pro ball. Who essentially believed there wouldn’t be any offers from other teams.
    Here in Cali, it’s spun as Freddy being the he new dude whose too good for you & wants his old thing back. What’s crazy is, although he’s born & raised SoCal. It proves that some players may not want to play for the local , home team. He’s made ATL his home and had no qualms flying back in forth to the fam.
    It’s football offseason and there’s news everywhere. The one thing I take away from Deshaun Watson debacle. The Browns weren’t only team willing to sign him. Also, how could Baker not feel snubbed. He’s losing his job to a dude who pays women to grope him (whether they want to or not)!
    Now he’s with the Panthers, further pushing Cam “I love submissive women” Newton down the depth chart.
    Oh, the NBA off-season, looking forward to your stories of players having “Ho control” issues.

    Thanks again guys,


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