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PG 336: I Got McDonald’s And You Can’t Have None!

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss finding songs on Spotify, Justin has a new friend, Rod played ball again, Mindhunter, Greenleaf, P-Valley gay scene, listener feedback and the McDonald’s debate.


  1. kalynlouis

    Hey y’all, been a minute. I really missed y’all niggas. I low key went away for a minute and strayed away from the paywall (fuck was I thinkin??). Anyway the pandemic really fucked ya boy up and I’m happy to be hearing y’all voices again. Had to get a job that’s fully remote cause niggas at CPS needed me in the office every damn day to sit and monitor my ass. Whew!

    I listened to one of the regular shows where Rod spoke about people’s emotions being almost the entire point and pull to their reviews. I experienced this lately while listening to the Midnight Boys, a ringer verse pod. I’m just tryna hear them
    talk about Thor, The Boys
    or Ms Marvel and this nigga Van Lathan and his partner just takeover the whole pod with their damn emotions and why their not connecting with the show. Shit made me ball up my fist. This is my segue into asking you to review more shows cause these niggas suck lol nah I know y’all don’t like reviewing shows y’all really love. I just be annoyed. Anyway, just wanted to tap in and talk my shit.

    Ight catch y’all later

  2. TanyaW42

    Mindhunter is such a great show! Not only does it feature everyone’s fave Chris Lamberth, but one of the main characters is played by Anna Torv, who was so bad ass as Olivia on Fringe. Such a bummer they didn’t get another season (and also Penny Dreadful: City of Angels, which was incredible).

  3. brooklynshoebabe

    1. Glad you are watching Mindhunter. I loved that show. Sad that the ‘rona prevented the show from being picked up for a season 3. Speaking of the FBI’s BSU, have you heard that they can’t create a successful profile for mass shooters yet because their ideologies, upbringings and ages are inconsistent.

    2. I understand sharing your life on the social media if that’s your brand, but there needs to be some boundaries and putting people on blast feels very outing of a gay person to me. Especially if the offender didn’t do anything criminal.

    3. My 17 and 15 year old have a 2 year old sister. It’s not often that my kids, my ex husband, his family and I get together, but I absolutely do give that baby gifts especially if I’m bringing something for my kids. She’s my kids’ sister so I think her family. She calls me Auntie. But my ex, his wife and I have an amicable co-parenting relationship.

    4. I loved Greenleaf but I fell off during the pandemic. I’d binge it with my aunts and uncle. We love the messy so much.

    5. Finally have you watched the mini series Under the Banner Heaven? You might be interested in this true life murder mystery in a tight knit Mormon community in Utah since you’ve been watching those documentaries.

    6. Finally, I like those aggressively gay songs.

  4. Itsmee

    Not to continue to beat this dead horse. They are both wrong in the McDonald’s debate. Because yes he could bring something for all the kids, instead of making them feel bad. But first and foremost those are her kids. Is she buying the baby daddies other kids stuff? And instead of being mad that he’s only bringing some for one how about you have a calm discussion about McDonalds ain’t the thing for my child to have everyday, and how it makes the other kids feel to watch their brother eat something special everyday or whatever . AND DON’T POST THAT SHIT. Because they both look like neither of them need kids. Time get hard but she exposed herself.

  5. brooklynshoebabe

    #Throwback. I re-listened 2018 Pregame 138 this week. it’s one of my favorites. It contains the Tariq It’s Time Nasheen’s auntie jam and Desus and Mero’s roasting the hell out of DJ Envy. Bruh, I listen to it once a year and laugh with the same energy. A classic.

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