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2559: One Of The Best Black Owned Podcast

Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. msmarysmile

    Re:cishet language discussion. I always thought you were saying ‘cishead’ ‍♀️ Just figured it was young folks vernacular. Glad I know now

  2. SuavyP

    What up brudda Rod and sista K “I’m not tryna be funny.. Karen!
    Man y’all said sumthing when you mentioned that activism can be an attractive occupation for a lot of sociopaths. I believe this to be true. The high-mindedness of some people that consider themselves activist can be annoying and draining AF. I once dated a girl who ran around in the activist space and let me say, it was pure hell. At first she seemed nice and we hit it off quite well. But let me slip up and choose the wrong “words” or if I posed a different point of view on anything and the conversations would go off the rails. She always had a trump card to pull i.e “you hate black women”, respectability, the excessive use of the words “trauma” and “problematic” etc. Never once did she consider that she may be in a minority in a lot of her altruistic beliefs. Accountability was a foreign language to her as far as I’m concerned. After weeks of this, I realized that there was more going on mentally (bi-polar disorder) with this person and I had to cut her off completely. It was for the best.
    Also just wanted to point out that I think your feedback episodes offer some of your best content. If you’re a listener and you tend to skip feedback episodes, then you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. Keep up the great work y’all!

    PS…. Rod, you frequently mention during the polls that the people on Spotify “have money”. Please explain? As far as I know, the music quality is subpar to other platforms (the ghetto!). And to me at least, it seems that most the people that use Spotify don’t even opt for Spotify Premium. How do you brokies justify putting on a Spotify playlist during sexy times, only for a random Ad for Zip Recruiter to come on and kill the mood?? Eww.
    Anyway, just wanted to see if you could share some context to your claim that they got money. If you ask me, the real people with the money would be Apple Music users seeing that there isn’t a free Apple Music option that I know of.

    Love the Show Guys!


    • ApiafromGermany

      I’ve never seen the word brudda written out and am happy to report that brother in German is ” Bruder”.

  3. ajmartin22

    Hey, Rod & Queen Karen. Great episode as always! Karen’s talk about going through school in the South and how education is really about memorization of facts resonated with me.

    I went through the public education system and it was not a good experience overall. I barely learned anything and we were watching full-length feature films in multiple classes where the film shown had little or nothing to do with the academic subject. Some were movies I did not like. During those times, I would be reading my book and not pay any attention to the movie. Even when I had study hall, movies were shown there as well, To escape, I started working in the attendance office running passes to other classes and students,

  4. kaycan

    I voted yes in the poll, it seems to let me vote twice. once before logging in and once after I logged in. But ,Yeah I’m abt that life! But it depends, not on some dumb mickey mouse shit. Had to check this guy at the comedy club a few weeks back that was intentionally invading my space by leaning on me every time he laughed. I have way too much to lose to fuck him up. But he got those verbal hands. And yes he was!. The only macadamia nutbag in the room.

  5. ApiafromGermany

    Sorry, I might have missed the clues about Clarence Thomas when you talked about him. Yes, I know these kids of women who turn against other women and will be in the media like: ” see, even a woman says that men are cool and women are the problem”
    It’s an interesting psychological phenomenon to see yourself as something better than the others in your group and to think: If I can make it, everyone can, noone needs help. It’s a total lack of emphaty.

    • ApiafromGermany

      Kinds of women not kids.

  6. ApiafromGermany

    The short version of the German abortion law:
    Before you are in the 14 th week of pregnancy you can get an abortion. You have to talk to a place before that that explains to you all the options and all the help you would get from the state, should you decide to have the child. Every gynecologist can do the abortion, we dont have special clinics. After the 14th week you can have an abortion if there is a medical problem with the child or the pregnancy would put the mother in danger.
    Abortion is never part of political campaigns.

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