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SMR 402: Thor: Love And Thunder

Rod and Karen review the latest Thor sequel, “Thor: Love And Thunder.” We also discuss movie trailer and your comments.



    Love & Thunder is a solid follow-up to Ragnarok. Good laughs, good action, endearing amount of heart. Felt more of a Ragnarok .5 than a refined sequel. Would’ve been fine with an additional 15 mins of context behind Lady Sif getting fucked up by Gorr, losing an arm in the process. Hell, Gorr could’ve been a legendary MCU, if we’d actually get to see him kill Gods in the process. Christian Bale is great here, but he could’ve been greater if we’d see more of his conquest. Natalie Portman’s Mighty Thor nearly had me in tears, especially near the end. Hopefully, the mid-credits isn’t the end of her or Heimdall, for that matter. Two Gods chillin’ in Valhalla. Good stuff.

    Obviously, Ragnarok is the better film, yet it’s a solid, if not great film. I’ve seen some of the discourse around this film & it reminds me of Age of Ultron’s discourse. Ultimately, Ultron aged better with time, regardless of Whedon’s direction. Love & Thunder I expect to be no different in years time. I compared it to the Devil May Cry series, namely the 4th entry of that series. Name any game that has divisive reviews, but is otherwise good, kinda pans out. It’s the Arkham Origins or Knight of the Thor films. Tekken 4, Jak 2, Saints Row 4, Ratchet: Deadlocked, etc. Any flawed but solid game pans out to describe Love & Thunder.

    Kinda here for Taika being a damn troll. Wish he’d made a grander follow-up but i’m here for his Don’t Give A Fuck energy. He’s not scurred & I love it like that Dwayne Wade gif.

    Bring on Thor 5: The Wrath of Zeus’s Adorable Tutu.

  2. RoninRaphael

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    Thanks always for your dope reviews. I saw Thor, Love and Thunder last night and I LOVED it. I also am in agreement with you guys that it was a missed opportunity to not show Gorr fucking up other gods. I had read the Godbutcher comic few years ago and wasn’t sure about how this would be adapted in a single movie featuring Jane Foster and GoTG. So I was impressed by Taika’s interpretation and his expansion of the MCU with Heimdalls son and Gorrs daughter. I didn’t see that coming. Glad to have Sif back too.

    Special shout-out to the cameos of in the Asgardian drama crew. Even Thor’s former roommate is at Asgard . I’m sure that I missed more. Taika is a trip, Zeus tho

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