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2564: Hell Or Highwaffle

Rod and Karen discuss the “Our Time Has Come Midwin Charles Endowed Scholarship”, Coronavirus News, Betsy Devos wants to abolish the department of education, Ivana Trump dies from falling down the stairs, TX AG sues over abortion, child support bill proposal, Kodak Black arrested, Lauren Boebert’s restaurant fails, Biden drops anti-abortion judge appointment, Christian Walkers vs Kehlani, comedy zone gun scare, Walgreen employee refuses to sell married woman condoms, Gwen Stefani accused of cultural appropriation, racist Sesame Place mascot, MAGA fan accused of racist hoax, Guggenheim painter rips off Black artist, man dies after chugging Jaegermeister, woman paralyzed after chiropractic visit, family robs Waffle House and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Cappadonna

    BTW Rod and Karen – Lauren Boehbert’s restaurant wasn’t a just diner with guns – it was a Hooters with guns. It was literally a bunch white women in push-up bras and too tight t-shirts serving Denny’s food with glocs in hand. All while the patrons were drinking liquor with AR-15’s at the ready.

    Maybe its me, but big boobs, burners, and beer is never a good mix in an enclosed area. Could you imagine cats bringing guns into strip club with bottle service? This sounds like a side quest from GTA 5 or mini story from Frank Miller’s Sin City – not an actual bonded business. Even Wild West brothels made the cowboys leave their six shooters at the door.

    I’m relieved no one got clapped in seven years and glad the landlord finally said “nah”. Because you know their insurance was sky high for that stupidity.

  2. Yaytoonday

    I just heard the “fucking with black people” story about the post Kelly Rowland shared about the Sesame Place character that didn’t hug the little black girl. It reminded me of the Key and Peele skit of Obama dapping up and hugging the black people waiting to greet him and giving a lukewarm greeting to the white people in line. In the skit he even stops to kiss black babies, etc. I remember everyone (including myself) thinking it was funny. But in real life, when the roles are reversed, it’s not so fun(ny) is it?

  3. ApiafromGermany

    Unfortunately now it’s way more complicated to make recommendations.
    Everyone has a different Covid history now, so the risk is also somehow different.
    For example me:
    First vaccine: Astra, a vector vaccine you didt have in the US. Second: pfitzer Third: Moderna.
    One mild Covid infection after 3 shots. Probably omicron.

    You as far as I know: 3 pfitzer vaccines, no infection.
    Do we have the same risk? Who knows!
    Other people didn’t get the vaccine at all, others had 1 or two… there are many possibilities.
    So overall we are all more on our own to determine the risk.

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