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2565: The Gen X Hopped Out

Rod and Karen discuss Dr. Fauci planning to retire, Desus and Mero calling it quits, Kevin Samuels’ cause of death, Constance Wu discusses breakdown, Late Show staffers won’t be prosecuted, Bernie goes in on Joe Manchin, Jay-Z doesn’t charge for features, free movies for red heads, US to diversify formula industry, Mitch McConnell blames stimulus for labor shortage, lifeguard shortage, Air Canada begged passengers to get off plane, baggage chaos at airport, Polo Ralph Lauren HBCU collection, woman claims co-worker was fired because of racism after posting TikTok video, bride arrested for dosing wedding, man gets third OWI, man stabs deli worker over tip jar and sword ratchetness.

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  1. bamil73

    This stuff with Constance Wu is wild. My heart goes out to her because, as you always say, the people on the internet socials are not your friends. There is a very popular podcast that I used to listen to but had to stop listening to a couple of years ago. The co-hosts were huge advocates of taking care of one’s mental health with sponsorships from Better Health etc. They even had a segment where they discussed some personal mental health issue on several episodes. My turning point came when they were talking about Kanye’s red hat turn. They rightly vociferously, criticized his actions in the moment, but basically pooh poohed any suggestion that the state of his mental health may have played a part in his actions. They even criticized people who cautioned not to minimize his mental state. I had to tap out. They weren’t living their raps when it came to mental health. I thought of that with the Constance Wu story. I see it over and over again such that it’s cliche to me. The “check on your strong friends” niggas always being the first to stomp on some celebrity with no regard to actual facts.


  2. ApiafromGermany

    I hope Karen and Rod will always stay together unlike the Bodega boys! Please don’t tell me you are only a show relationship! #Karod ( I hope my made up relationship name for you is not a swear or something)

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