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2569: Space Force Coast To Coast

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, a man’s ode to his fiance goes viral, Rollie Bands shot and killed, Incest allegations dropped against Ricky Martin, AOC vs Jessica Ramos, Newsom signs gun law modeled after TX abortion law, SC bill outlaws websites about abortion instructions, CVS told pharmacists to withhold drugs that could be used in abortions, doctor who provided abortion for 10 year old sues Indiana AG, people watching porn at work, postal service raising prices, US dollar and Euro even, airport runs out of water, AZ corrections official says state would collapse without prison labor, bread prices are rising, the military can’t find recruits, pastor robbed of $400K jewelry, man shot by Taco Bell security guard, accidental shooting during robbery, Florida man drives to Space Force headquarters and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Justin

    Rod, you leave Karen alone, don’t none of us over 35 know who that rapper was.

    But seriously, is so sad that these song black men keep throwing their life way over the nonsense of being “hard”.

  2. bamil73

    That Life Coach was basically saying to his fiancé “you may be an unattractive dumb bitch, but you’re MY unattractive dumb bitch…you’re welcome”. SMH.


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