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2570: Surprised The Racism Came Out

Rod and Karen discuss some Random Thoughts, LGBTQ News, Brooklyn Bishop gets mad on IG live, snake head found in airline meal, body cam shows comp using racial slur, racial slur in weather forecast, man claims running like a dog got him in shape, credit schemer caught, man accused of killing wife votes for Trump with his wife’s identity and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Mdiarra

    Man I know that cop racist as hell. The fact the police department is being hush hush about her punishment shows me that at best she will be on desk duty until shit dies down. at worst she already back on the street. I have never been upset at somebody non black and then went off and used a racial slur to insult them…. well except for calling somebody a cracker.

  2. meikomh

    Hey y’all! Regarding the Cheetos dust-Cheetos started selling different flavors of boxed mac & cheese including Flamin’ Hot and I buy them just to get the cheese powder packet out and put it in a spice jar so I can sprinkle it on whatever I want. I wish they sold the flavor packet or a jar of it separately but this will do for now!

  3. ApiafromGermany

    Is using a racial slur illegal? ( disclaimer: i would never use slurs, I know it’s hurtful and wrong)
    In Germany for example wearing the swastika symbol is illegal, if a police woman wore it even in private this would be a reason to fire her. But can you fire a person for using them? I imagine this could get difficult in court if she would sue ( she could say she didn’t break a law) but maybe I’m wrong. It seems to me there is no real law against racist behavior in your country. I dont understand America!

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