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2571: Magic Flakes

Rod and Karen discuss Biden getting over Covid, potential deal with Manchin, term limits for Supreme Court, Garland’s DOJ investigating Trump for Jan 6th, Brittany Griner, monkeys attacking people in Japan, Monkeypox, vitamin D study, lightning storm kills 20 in one day, man tired of hyping his mid girlfriend up, Madison Cawthorn, man arrested for threatening racial violence, NC city police revolt against Black city manager, airlines charging for customer service, flight stuck for 6 hours with no a/c or drinks, cheap beer and cigs selling more, inflation hurting rural Americans, penguins refuse to eat cheap fish at the zoo, Taco Bell lawsuit over scalding water, wife’s side dude has shoot out with husband, drive-by paintball shooting and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Mdiarra

    So With the monkeypox thing I always found it weird that folks are not happy that the WHO and CDC are trying to talk to the most vulnerable group directly. My understanding of the CDC descriptions is that as of right now something like 90% + of confirmed Monkey pox cases have been contracted by Men who have sex with Men. And while resources are low, we are targeting that group since they are the most vulnerable. I just find it funny because we (and by we I mean woke people online) always say that government/other programs should be targeting/ helping the most vulnerable groups first, and with Monkey Pox it just happens to be Men who have sex with men. And I get that right now, theres been a lot of villification of Queer people with conservatives, and our media has not done a good job shutting down these very obviously ridiculous accusations in the name of “both sides”. But to me, it seems like good “equitable” practice to target the groups the most vulnerable right now with the doses we have until we scale up and can make the vaccine accessible to everyone.

    The other side of the coin would be that if the CDC/WHO didn’t acknowledge that it was primarily affecting that group in particular, and tried to make it generic as possible, I could also see folks being upset that they ARENT sounding the alarm for that marginalized group.

    Idk what the solution is, but I think we have to be wary at trying to paint everything in broad strokes. Language matters and the language in which the CDC is trying to approach this issue, does not seem like the same language used to villify queer people during the beginning of Aids crisis. I would rather the CDC warn and help the most vulnerable group first, even if the optics are bad for the CDC. And we (collective we) need to hold media personalities accountable for trying to leverage this to fearmonger hatred of queer people.

  2. ApiafromGermany

    Cable news wants you addicted to fear and the shows are the daily fix.
    It’s a problem. People think they stay informed but they are just fear addicts.
    Luckily I don’t watch news at all ( I read, as I told you before, it’s better for my mental health ) for at least 15 years now.

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