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BDS 450: Ben Simmons Has Left The Chat

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Serena retiring, Frank Gore charged for domestic violence, Marshawn Lynch DUI, Russia working on negotiations for Griner, Skylar Diggins-Smith sitting out games, Whit Merrifield got vaccinated, Kliff Kingsbury vs Kyler Murray, Pete Rose dodges questions about sexual assault, Khloe waiting to name the baby, Durant gives Nets ultimatum, Channing Crowder still hating on Russell Wilson, Goodell vs Watson, British Open champ signs with LIV, Serena working on baby number 2, Dallas Cheerleaders state of the art locker room, Deion Sanders bathroom, Diontae Johnson sued by his own kid’s camp, Aaron Rodgers, Ben Simmons left the group chat, Kyle Lowry embraces his thickness and Savannah smacks Lebron’s phone.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Skip Jayless,

    I hope all is good.

    Salute to LeBron James on signing that extension for 2 years and 97 *million* of them thangs! Man has set his sights on becoming the all time leading scorer and turning the Lakers into a halfway house for wack niggas with the signing of Patrick Beverly. You love to see a legend in the game give back to those so much less fortunate. And shouts out to Bronny, out here dunking on his peers even as he gets flack from notorious hater Skip Bayless. And even if Skip’s comments weren’t too flagrant on their face, I think it’s a bad look to say anything about the kid of a player who you’ve dedicated your life to hating on. If LeBron got a mathematics degree, Skip would say we should listen to Terrance Howard.

    The real question folks should be asking about Bronny is if he makes short jokes about Chris Paul, which he should given he is 3 inches taller than Paul.

    Did y’all see that article about Zion Williamson being a Naruto super fan and how watching Naruto helped him during his injury recovery? I need this man to somehow work a hand seal into the dunk contest now and I hope he has a great season.

    Did y’all see that Manti Te’o documentary? I had forgotten how dirty Te’o ended up being done by the media and the NFL over a situation where he was completely the victim. I felt terrible for Te’o throughout the documentary. Also, while I am glad to finally have heard Naya’s side of the story I do think it is *wild* that she mostly chalked this up to just being part of her self discovery journey, but at least Te’o is at peace with things and forgave her.

    Side note, I don’t get why the NFL is the only job in America where future employers get to ask if you’re gay and that’s somehow legal? I thought that the whole time during the Te’o documentary talking about the draft.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thank you as always for the dope shows!



  2. mywholegovt

    What up Rod, Karen, and J-eve Nash!

    I have a very “balls deep-y” story to share. Y’all probably remember like 4 or 5 years ago there was a basketball coach at Brandeis (a D3 school outside of Boston) who got fired after he told one of the players that he was gonna ship him back to Africa. Brandeis is my alma mater but I graduated a couple years before this happened. Last week, I was with one of my friends who’s a few years younger and was there at the time and close to the guys on the basketball team. Apparently, telling the players that he’d ship them back to where they came from was just a thing that he did to everyone. Like he’d say “I’ll send you back to Connecticut if you don’t fucking hustle!” And the kid that he said he’d send back to Africa was actually African, not a Black American. (According to my friend, black players attested to this too.) Now, I’m not saying the coach isn’t racist. It’s just pretty hilarious to me the idea that you genuinely talk to all of your players like that and then you say it to the African kid and then all he hears is the record scratch like “what, what did I say?!” In my humble opinion, he might have been better served by being more specific about the country. I’m not saying it’d be okay, but I feel like “I’ll ship you back to Ghana” just has a different feel than I’ll ship you back to Africa. Also, “ship” is really doing a lot of work there.

    Oh and that coach had a documented history of being a problem in other ways and he was also just a bad basketball coach, so he didn’t even get fired just for the racism.

    Anyways, love the show and hope y’all are well.

  3. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod, Karen, J-shaun Watson,

    So the NFL dropped the hammer on the Deshaun Watson case and by hammer I mean the fisher price variety. They gave him a 11 game suspension and 5 million dollar fine. Before this suspension he did a fake a apology but then basically recanted that by going back and saying he did nothing wrong. Even the Browns leadership came out and tried to say he deserved a second chance. Which is weird because if you don’t think he did anything wrong then why would he need a second chance? Also a second chance means that you take accountability for your actions which he clearly has not. Also it looks like Dennis Rodman will be going over to negotiate BGs release. Which wasn’t something I had on my 2022 bingo card but if there is anything we know about The Worm we know he loves to kick it with dictators. Also looks like the Lakers will be a circus next year. How do you have Pat Beverly and Westbrook on the same team. Ain’t no way that works. They have to move Westbrook now or LA has completely leaned in on the chaos.

    Love the show as always,


  4. fyahworks

    What’s the good word,

    Rod Karen and Jaquon Barkley!

    So while you guys were “away” saquon was interviewed after a practice and was asked about tyrod taylor! The man proceeded to say he’s a great player and person but he smell so damn good! Imma need SNIFFIN SAQUON, To sniff that end zone and some Astro turf and stop smelling teammates this season!

    Secondly, it was only a matter of time! That damn pro am!! So newly drafted rookie Chet holmgren, who has not even made it to training camp, was following the trend of playing in pro am and fucked around and caught a foot injury! This boy is 7 foot and barely 190lbs soaking wet!
    He should be in the gym building muscle! Thoughts and prayers to him as he recovers but I can definitely see the nba/ or teams. possibly having an issue with players participating in this!

    Lastly, in lakers news. Vanessa bryant came up on some coin after taking them first responders to court to the tune of 31M over leaked photos of Kobe and gi gi! Who actually paying that? Cuz I’m sure a firefighter don’t just have 31 mill under the mattress! Also lakers are interested in pat bev and giving up THT and Stanley Johnson, justin your thoughts? The first thing people were saying is wow westbrook and pat bev on the same team? Where they do that at? Lol

    Appreciate you guys

    Have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out

  5. Teamwombraider

    Hello Rod, Karen & Jacque-eeb Tahleed!

    I know hockey is low on the list but I’m proud to say. The San Jose sharks have made Mike Grier (son of NFL baller, Rosie Grier), their GM. It’s a nice bandaid since the whole Evander Kane, domestic violence debacle (thank goodness that negro won the cup with the Blackhawks years back). Lucky he was actually born in Canada. If not he would be shipped back to his home country like former Kings player Slava Voynov, who was exiled back to Russia.
    Ok, back to a real sport, the NFL & it’s off-season. Man, the Talib brothers situation. As soon as I heard about it. I immediately thought of you guys & the Ray Lewis soundbite!
    What I’m trying understand is, his brother Yaqoub (not white devil) escalated violence to using a pistol. What was the coach doing, whooping on Aquib & his brother came in to the rescue?
    Also, I remember how your dad chatted with you on athletics not being the end all be all in your life. Great advice for young black men & women. For the past forty years, college sports has been dangled to these boys (& now girls) as a way for upper education & improve quality of life. Which is nice but what your seeing now is, middle class parents funneling children into private schools & using whatcer money leftover for travel clubs. It’s not the nineties anymore where a kid could attend a local high school & earn a scholarship.
    Now with NIL in place, I wonder if some of that money will reach the hands of todays Reggie Bush?
    Love the show (it’s been my drug of choice for 8 years).


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