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PG 340: Pet Insurance

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss attitudes at work, pet insurance, Delaware, VR work outs, PayBack, John Of God, Behind The Bastards Clarence Thomas, listener feedback and news.



    What up Dr. Rodbotnik, K-Dot & RhymeOverReason.

    Sooo, I just finished the Manti Te’o doc on Netflix & I’ve since cooled on my thoughts on Naya. Man she did him terrible. I wasn’t that fully aware of it as it happened, seeing the memes, jokes, name-calling, etc. Shit, I’m sorry for laughing at that man’s pain. That man had family dying and a person playing as Lennay playing with that man’s emotions. I get it with Naya. You didn’t have a good life, didn’t like football. As someone who’s had their emotions played with, I abhor that shit so hard, because you’re fucking with an individual’s dignity. Manti didn’t have to forgive her, yet, that man has a big heart, even for someone who used a person’s picture without her consent. Naya could’ve put that woman in danger too, using someone as a literal avatar to hide yourself. She went through it bad, emotionally, but; again, that’s just not the way to handle shit like that. Catfishing is just wild. I’m too leery of it to mess with shit like that on any Social Media platform. Not even dating apps. Damn good doc, tho.

  2. rodimusprime

    What up Rod Karen and Justin? I just wanted to send some love y’all way. I ain’t got nothing to talk about.

    I appreciate that y’all are still my friends as much as the internet will have you jaded in regards to people. I appreciate the embrace every time I’m in town. I’ll hit y’all up the next time I’m in CLT. Dinner on me.

    Take care.


  3. fyahworks

    Welcome back
    Rod,Karen, and Justin

    Hope the week off was kind to you guys!

    I have a random thought! When it comes to nuke codes, should they come with Face ID or 2 step verification? I’m sure the password isn’t “password” or “abc123”!!!

    Also I caught word the final 8 eps of TWD are coming October 2nd. Is there any person or persons you think won’t make it to the finale?

    Lastly, on the regular show! I LOVE when you do the teaser topics for the intro and that song is flames dog (Karen voice)

    Appreciate you guys

    Fyahworks out

  4. RoninRaphael

    Hello Karen, Rod, and Justin. I just wanted to point out that I meant “the Osage County murders” not Orange as the story I stumbled upon at Mystery History podcast. The Caucasity in that story was just ridiculously evil what they did to the Native Americans of that area. Maybe Sal been right about Evil, could have given the Whytes a lot to do instead of killing, and scheming EVERYBODY. Maybe I should launch a new NFT to fight evil.

    Great show as always guys. I’m only attached to a robot cat like Sox from Lightyear.

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