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TNO 188: What Is The Plan?

Rod, Karen, LJ and Bacon discuss listener feedback, entertainment, the fallout around the Warner Bros / DCEU properties, R Rated Scooby-Doo, Chess robot breaks kid’s finger, Tomb Raider movie in limbo, Game of Thrones in 4K, Crunchyroll buys Right Stuf and gets ride of hentai, Disney Plus passes Netflix but raises prices, MS vs Sony in Brazil, Mark Ruffalo says each MCU property is different unlike Star Wars, Ghost of Tsushima director wants Japanese actors and language, George RR Martin, John Wick 4 will be the longest of the series, Forspoken trailer gets roasted, TwitchCon will have masks now and Harry Potter game delayed again.



    What’s good Rod, Karen & excellent guest? Reverend Phil Spencer, won’t he do it. Been really enjoying playing games like Midnight Fight Express, Serious Sam 4, and countless others on GOAT Pass. Once that Activision merger finishes up, games like Call of Duty will be on Game Pass, day 1. They aren’t even increasing the price of their system like Sony is doing overseas. Now, I ain’t gettin’ that shit until 2023, cuz, priorities & shit.

    With the summer movie season finally wrapped up, what’s yalls top-5? I got Top Gun 2 at 1, Nope #2, Dat Black Phone #3, Doctor Strange 2 #4 & Bob’s Burgers Movie #5. I’ll even throw in films like Vengeance, Emily The Criminal, Prey on Hulu & Marcel the Shell w/Shoes on. Been a good summer year.

    Also, check out Honk for Jesus. Sterling K. Brown & Regina Hall were spittin’. Great movie. You can watch it on Peacock right now, if you want to avoid the theater.

  2. SheetRock215

    Hello all,

    I’m SheetRock. Long time listener, first time commenter. Just wanted to say that I always look forward to TNO. I think you guys do a great job in keeping a level head about all things nerd content and this show is consistently entertaining and informative.

    I remember a few episodes ago Rod talking about watching the Star Trek TV shows so I wanted to recommend The Orville. I’ll admit that when I first heard of the show (sci-fi show created by Seth MacFarlane) I waved it off as just another parody by the creator of Family Guy but it’s so much more. My girlfriend and I started it as a way to engage in some Star Trek-adjacent content without the commitment of the actual thing (she’s the Trekkie, not me) but to our surprise the show started dealing in serious topics like mob mentality and gender dysphoria with a serious tone. Definitely worth checking out in my opinion.

    I also have some games on GamePass that I think are think you guys may enjoy:

    “Nobody Saves The World” : colorful metroidvania with funny writing and inventive combat mechanics.

    “Solasta: Crown of the Magister” : This game is a party based RPG that uses the D&D 5th Edition ruleset. It’s not the most graphically pleasing or sophisticatedly written game BUT this game helped me understand on how D&D as a tabletop RPG is played in real life. I would recommend this solely if you’re curious about D&D mechanics and classes/builds.

    That’s it for now. I hope this comment was not too long and my recommendations were not intrusive. Thanks for the great shows!


  3. Felix

    Hi Y’all, Felix here. Been a while but its been a rough couple months for ya boi, multiple projects i was involved in literally just collaped and/or dipped without a word so i’ve had to scramble to make ends meet. Listening to the podcast during those times helped me get through it so thanks as always for the content. Much appreciated.

    Just to get it out of the way since its an interesting situation thats affecting the anime industry right now, You’re probably not aware but as a result of the inflation crisis, pay for animators working overseas for japanese studios has been massively affected with already terrible pay now being more than a third less of what it was this time last year (the conversion rates are messed up right now) and constantly fluctuating. As a result a lot of other folks in my situation are aggressively negotiating for higher pay to compensate but the vast majority of studios will not and as a result a lot of shows now are having massive staffing issues. people been complaining a lot about certain shows complete collapse in quality recently but on my end it makes sense no one wants to work for less pay on shows with already rapidy deteriorating schedules (like the rwby anime and the netflix anime uncle from another world). thats all i’ll say without spilling too much tea but the industry was already using foreign animators as a lifeline to help fill the staff shortage but thats now also not looking too great.

    Speaking on another shitshow, the WB situation is already bad enough but the young justice situation broke my heart. ive loved the last 2 seasons and would have liked to see them end on their own terms but seeing the staff already announcing their new jobs a few months ago shoulda been a clue it wasnt continuing. I’m hoping the animated movies they announced at comic con are still going forward because one of the was a legion of superheroes movie which ive been hoping for for years.

    Onto more positive stuff, Ive really been enjoying House of the dragon and y’all’s coverage. I was hoping for something meaty that gave me the same feeling i had with game of thrones at its best and im so happy thats what we’re getting. them getting the best director on game of thrones as the co-showrunner was also a great move. that man being able to go all out like he did on stuff like altered carbon with the amazing cinematography was crazy. im excited to see where it goes. I’ll also say the same for the rings of power. I wasnt planning on watching it because lord of the rings is kinda mid to me but the racist fan reaction made me wanna watch it out of spite. and lo and behold i enjoyed it a lot. its amazing the marketing those poeple are doing for shows these days. i almost always enjoy the stuff they cry about so using them as a barometer of quality for this was a good idea lol.

    Lastly i just wanted to ask you guys if youre still reading the current black panther run? i dont wanna spoil too much but despite the promising direction it was going between issue 3-6, i’ve dropped it. a certain choice made was just so annoying to me. just to hint at it, a certain relationship coates worked hard to fix and make work has just been yet again thrown out and i just dont care anymore. between that and ridley still writing t’challa like batman, imma wait until the next writer. im really disappointed. even hudlin did better than this bruh.

    Ok, i’ll finish off there, again, love yall, felix out and happy she-hulk cheeks week to everyone.

  4. athom023

    What is going with HBO Max removing these shows?? I am confusion.

  5. SuavyP

    For those of you who are still getting Balls Deep, make sure to remove the download and/or mark this episode as “played”. click play on any other podcast briefly to clear out the queue, then come back to TNO. It should play the correct episode then. Hope this helps

  6. Harrygodzilla

    Coming up as balls deep for me guys

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