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2587: You Mess With The Flaming Bull

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, Student loan forgiveness, Hershel Walker, man gored to death by flaming bull, Little League World Series racism, AI rapper milkshake duck, Shaun King rumor, firefighter has had enough, watch thief, woman shoots innocent bystander, men killed in stand off with the police and sword ratchetness.

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  1. pretty tomboy

    first of all that fireman came with the heat! good shit. so the student loan situation with biden is infuriating to me. biden did something that will benefit US for decades and all I’m hearing is that it wasn’t enough or its unfair.

    not enough?? my nigga a $10,000-$20,000 reduction in student loans could be a payment of $300-400 a month back in someone’s pocket. that’s substantial. I have no idea how this will effect the economy but I’m also not concerned since we never care how tax breaks and the billions given to businesses effect the economy. I used to follow this youtuber who got on the mic immediately after biden made his announcement and said that biden needed to pay for all his student loans and I.. then went on to say he aint voting for him unless he does. good luck with that nigga. i unfollowed that foolishness. it wasn’t even a campaign promise that biden made but he listened and did more than any other president has. people are ridiculous.

    also all my student loans are paid off but im still partying for us cause this is amazing. why would you be upset at someone else’s come up? people are weird and I refuse to all them to steal my joy.

    my favorite part of all of this is biden coming out like ‘listen. everything i do wont benefit everybody. ive done multiple things to benefit the people of this country as a whole and yea all you people complaining aint say shit when tax breaks were given to the rich or billions to the airlines. so shut up lol’

    anyways thanks for reading. love yall!

  2. EvieE

    Out of all the races in November I’m watching the one in Georgia most closely because I will be sick to my stomach if That idiot Hershel Walker gets elected. And I live in Pennsylvania where that jackass Oz is running. I think Hershel had way too many concussions. It’s like he’s running neck and neck with Clarence Thomas for king of the coons. I hope he disappears and takes his annoying son with him.

  3. Sean

    While police organizations support gun control ( https://edition.cnn.com/2022/06/16/politics/police-organizations-gun-control/index.html ), there are still a lot of idjits that support the 2006 reinterpretation of the second amendment as an individual right (while there are many pro-gun propaganda sites out there that suggest police are against gun control, I couldn’t find a reliable source — anecdotally, I know some police officers staeside that are full-on ammosexuals and support the right to own guns over the right to not get shot, but most police I have talked to stateside have not been of that ilk).

    That being said, this reminds me somewhat of the 2009 VMAs: sure Kanye was right, but he shouldn’t have said it. In this case, the firefighter was right, although I am unsure whether it should have been left unsaid.

    Police who do not follow Dr. Wu Lien-teh’s (inventor of the mask for mass-use 1910, snubbed by the Nobel prize comittee 1935, saved millions of lives) advice and put on the mask or followed Dr. Jenner’s (credited with bringing vaccination to the West 1796 after refining Lady Montagu’s techniques 1721 based on Chinese practices ~900 CE) innovation and got a vaccination should not get an honor guard. Stupidity is not honorable.

    • EBailey

      Thank you for sharing! I’m glad to know I stand corrected and am a little encouraged reading that article. I’ve had to largely opt of mainstream news since 2016 for my own sanity so I wasn’t aware…

  4. ApiafromGermany

    I have no sympathy for people who run with bulls and die. Don’t do it! It seems like animal abuse anyway.

  5. ApiafromGermany

    There seems to be a social norm in many countries that college =good.
    It’s also here to some degree. But we don’t have student debt. It was obviously pretty helpful for us and we could buy a house in our early 30 ties.
    But as far as I know going to college doesn’t mean getting a great job for everyone afterwards.
    Here it highly depends on the subject. Study IT get a job. Study comperative culture, not so much. I feel for the people with student debt who still can’t find a job.

  6. EBailey

    That fire fighter was SPITTIN. I often think about why police unions don’t advocate for gun control (and mental health dollars while we’re at it). Since apparently they’re always in fear for their lives. Can’t imagine they would get much push back. That’s their own talking point and it’s parroted by their supporters. Their slip is showing with that. It infuriates me.

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