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2590: Sorry, Negroes

Rod and Karen discuss some random thoughts, Coronavirus News, LGBTQ News, man eats shish kebab in front on animal rights activists, Uvalde police chief fired, roller coaster hits a pothole, pastor apologizes for calling flock broke, frolicking is Black only, Sydney Sweeney controversy, woman attacks neighbor for clothing choices, man solicits prostitute on his honeymoon, Wendy’s shooting, woman shoots at family after shopping trip and sword ratchetness.

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    Listen, y’all, when my man licked that kebab like Alexander Skarsgard fuckin’ ’em up in The Northman, I nodded my head so hard. Thanos sitting on the porch hard. A new legend is born, stuntin’ in the face of PETA.

  2. EvieE

    I love my people but the lady upset about Drew Barrymore frolicking in the rain was a reach with a Reed Richards arm. Drew was a full blown drug addict and alcoholic by the time she was 13 in the 80s when everyone did coke. If I survived that I’d be dancing in the rain too. I love black girl and boy joy as much as the next person but not everything has to be about race. A lot of it is but sometimes you have to pick your battles because this gets exhausting and I can’t imagine it’s good for anyone’s mental health to be this angry all the time.

  3. EBailey

    I remember Rod saying that he knew himself well enough to not get a dog because in six months they would be wearing matching outfits. Well I got my first dog two years ago at 38 and I’ve turned into a complete white woman about animals lol. Trying to go vegetarian and crying about all the animals. I’m sure I’m definitely guilty of animal abuse in terms of clothing but uh…..Nike is killing kangaroos!!!

    So anyway I’m looking at these Nike protesters thinking they should’ve jumped his smug ass lol.

  4. EBailey

    I agree with what you all were saying about Sydney Sweeney. We all have those relatives and none of us want to sit home alone on the holidays. I guess I wouldn’t blame people if they were just upset that she posted the picture. My aunt, who I love and visit wants R. Kelly out of jail. I just gather my things when she goes there. If we took a picture and her t-shirt said “Free R. Kelly” I wouldn’t post it because I view it as promoting a message I don’t agree with. (Hell, I wouldn’t even be in that picture lol). But maybe it was an oversight or maybe she didn’t know or care.

    Also, that woke tiktoker has to relax. She’s reacting to something that hasn’t happened. Which is Vogue magazine tweeting how Drew Barrymore invented frolicking a la Kim Kardashian popularizing “boxer” braids or white influencers being credited for and monetizing black trends. It’s PTSD I suppose but it’ll have the Streisand effect.

  5. DannyS17

    Honey mustard used as dressing be bussin bussin. It’s great for chicken nuggets & tenders too but y’all know that. I use it as a marinade on baked chicken as well and add herbs to make it more savory.

    About the guess the race Wendy’s shooting: it’s messed up that the people riding in the car got arrested and charged with something too. I feel like they only did this to them cause they Black because if this was white ppl they would’ve realized that maybe they were scared to report it for fear of being shot as well

  6. Sean

    Shame on you Rod! How dare you disparage Honey Mustard dressing for salads! I have been ordering Honey Mustard dressing on my salads since 1991 and it is the best off-the-menu choice of salad dressings hands down!

    However, if you want the best dressing, you order salads (or a salad with two dressings if they let you) and get Honey Mustard and Blue Cheese dressings – on the side, of course. Add a touch of Blue Cheese to your Honey Mustard and it is amazing! If you mix it at home, you can replace the mayo with 50% Japanese mayo (because it is so much better than American mayo) and 25% Blue Cheese dressing. You will end up with a little less dressing, but it is just the right balance for most recipes. Add a dash of smoked chipotle and a sprinkle of sansho pepper and you will never go back to lesser dressings!

  7. Janica

    This is a top 3 Karen episode! Hilarious *chef’s kiss*

  8. jodaqi

    See, See, See,

    What you didn’t say about this sista’s tiktok is the this was Dr. Hadasa , pre-PHD. Or at least someone in her cohort. Because even Dr. Hadasa makes more sense than that lady’s post.

  9. ApiafromGermany

    Apias pharma corner:

    A study without a control group is rather weak. It can be used as a trend but never for the approval of a drug. Too much space for errors and bias in it.

    Clinical studies are extremely expensive. My company spends huge amounts of money on it and sometimes it works out other times it doesn’t.
    The money is spend for example on paying the volunteers. I’d rather do that than test new drugs on for example prisoners who didn’t choose it. Like for sure is done in countries run by dictators.
    That said Biontech is a German company from the city of Mainz. ( that’s 30 minutes from my city)
    The Pfizer vaccine was developed by Biontech a rather new company that needed Pfizer for distribution, infrastructure and financing.
    The founders, a German married couple with Turkish roots got their education at Germans free colleges.
    The lady even went to the same university as I did so. ( I read about it not like I know her )
    So you can have free colleges and capitalism.

    • Sean

      To piggyback on ApiafromGermany’s post,

      Part of my PhD studies involved meta-analysis of pharmaceutical research. Drug trials without a control group are basically useless, because placebos often have an effect. Furthermore, the best drug trials are comparative efficacy research, which compares two (or more) drugs with each other and against a control group. Usually these are not done by pharmaceutical companies (from the ones I read) but by universities or learning hospitals.

      I didn’t know that Apia was working at BioNTech. I’ve been following Dr. Karikó’s research since her 2008 paper on the use of pseudouridine. That’s amazing!

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