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2591: Turn Down Tabitha Brown For What?

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, Joe Rogan says vote republican, Lizzo dissed by Aries Spears, Tabitha Brown refuses to dial down for the Food Network, BYU fan get banned for harassing Black Duke volleyball player, road rage hate crime, racist Memphis steakhouse, man dies after drinking antifreeze, man dies after meth kiss, woman tries to kill her husband with Draino and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Mary

    About the Google employees frustration at the exposure notifications since going back-to-the-office. This makes me furious! I had to go back to the office and we also receive the weekly notifications, and yet management insists on trying to reinstate Firm Culture. Pre-pandemic we were known as the lifestyle firm — we had great events, tons of snacks, and a stylish office with couches and TVs to replicate being at home. Now, 2 ½ years into a pandemic, they’ve made us come back the office three days a week and refuse to let Firm Culture go. Last week they held a miniature golf tournament at the office. Fun, right? You know what’s funner? Me staying my ass at home that day. They plan Dodger nights and Abba concerts which…I guess… But who wants to do that with work people??? They tried to tell us that work people were our family, but when the pandemic hit, and I had to stay home, I found I had a real family – and they weren’t at work. Anyway, I hope they give up this Work Culture nonsense soon. Just let me stay at home.

  2. EvieE

    Aries Spears is getting dragged and deservedly so. But I think the same people who drag Lizzo for no damn reason are people who are unhappy and insecure in their own lives. Like Jason Whitlock had something froggy to say about Lizzo and you know that dude is miserable having to constantly tap dance for massa. The more hate she gets just means like she says, she’s winning. And I’m here for it.

    I love that Tabitha Brown is gonna keep on shinning. I don’t understand why food network would want to change her when her personality is the reason they hired her in the first place. Make it make sense.

  3. ApiafromGermany

    I was a size 8 or so when I was the most insecure and I’m a tall woman. But in the late 90 -ies it seemed that only extremely thin women were ok, and I’m glad that this changed.

  4. EBailey

    Aries Spears is so sad and damn near tragic to me. He’s really unhappy about his career so he’s just become miserable and decided to spread it around. I remember him being on The Champs podcast (RIP) where he admitted to his anger and bitterness and asking Neal Brennan what he though was holding him back. Funny thing is, Neal kept telling him that he used to be an attractive guy and he wasn’t anymore. Aries said everyone was telling him that. The episode turned into a life coaching session. He had a flat top back then and that was almost ten years ago.

  5. rdmiller728

    After hearing the Tabitha Brown segment, I immediately set the DVR to record her show. I watched her show the same day, which I THINK helps with ratings to watch shows within so many days if airing.

  6. IamSashaPierce

    Karen has been on fire lately, both on TBGWT and 3GO… even more than her usual awesome self. Flame emojis!❤️‍

    I voted no in the poll because I’ve been lucky enough to never encounter a dress code being used in a racist way. I’ve encountered other shit tho.

    • ApiafromGermany

      People who criticize fat people because they claim to be worried about their health:
      I don’t believe them. It’s not like thin= healthy.
      It’s way more complicated.
      One thing that is better in pop culture now compared to 20 years ago is that we have more body diversity at least somehow. I like it. Even that I was always regular sized I always had the feeling I had to be thinner to be more attractive, more successful, more acceptable when I was younger. I’m ok now with myself.

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