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2593: Blue’s Clues And Chill

Rod and Karen recap HBO’s “House Of The Dragon.”

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  1. EvieE

    The funny part of the king considering marriage to that little girl is that white nerds weren’t upset that she’s so young but because she’s black. I’m gonna need the feds to check some of these people’s hard drives.

  2. logan2x1

    Hey y’all, it’s ya girl Iman! I totally agree with y’all about the importance of showing how harrowing it was to be a woman in that time period. This storyline is very much giving early Tudor dynasty. And per the poll, FOR THE TIME PERIOD, it would have been a smarter move to marry poor baby Laena. As much as that pains me. It would have been a callback to actual history of the mother of English King Henry III, who was married and birthed at 12.

    I also saw a lot of folks say they were traumatized by the birth scene of episode 1. I thought it was an important moment to show. Especially with the maternal death rate in America and how the GOP is also taking choices away from women and birthing people. Folks are literally being put in deadly situations!
    But to entertain myself further and prove to my non HOTD watching folks, I recently used plots from the show in a group confessional posts. I had sistas in a tizzy until my last post when I mentioned dragons. Folks were so done, but I think I convinced some to watch, lol:
    “My daddy is getting remarried to my best friend. It’s only been a year and a half since my mama passed. I don’t like my uncle right now (my dad’s brother). He keeps looking at me like he wants me and it’s soooo uncomfortable. On top of that he’s bitter because my dad named me the sole inheritor of his estate. He really thought he’d get something in the will. Plus my cousins are super messy too. My eldest cousin keeps trying to say my dad wants more kids. I dont even care about that. I just wish my bff had been honest with me. But I know my cousins are jealous because my family knows how to train dragons and they don’t.”

    Loved the recap and love y’all

  3. msmarysmile

    See, these recaps are what made me fall in love with TBGWT. Simply the best.

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