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TNO 189: Twitchcord

Rod, Karen, Lashonda and Sterling discuss listener feedback, entertainment, more WB cuts, House of the Dragon renewed, Batgirl funeral viewing, Ring of Power getting review bombed, PS5 price increase, Xbox not increasing prices, Call of Duty will be on Game Pass, Game Pass friends and family plan, RIPD 2, Nintendo sexual harassment investigation, Embracer Group cops LOTR video game license, Buffy reboot on hold, Oceans prequel, Playstaion class action lawsuit, Resident Evil canceled, Star Trek movie loses director, Halo Voice actor directing anti-Biden film, Nichelle Nichole ashes will be launched into space, Prey directors talks about reusing name, Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Twitter edit button, Rick and Morty news, Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy still in development, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk delayed, Ubisoft not shutting down servers for old games, new Mafia game in development, High On Life content, Gotham Knights moves up release date, KOTOR delayed indefinitely and controversial Steam developer removed from store.


  1. rodimusprime

    G’Day Nerds,

    She-Hulk, Andor, Rings of Power. Being a nerd these days is great.

    I’m really enjoying the She-Hulk. Not just cause my man Wong is in it, but it’s been a fun watch so far.

    I’ve also enjoyed the starts to Andor & Rings of Power & am looking forward to seeing where they go with it.

    And those Mandalorian, werewolf by night & secret invasion trailers from D23 for marvel & Star Wars were good.

    Have you finished power Wash simulator yet? Have you been reading those paragraphs at the end of jobs? There’s some strange stuff in that story they’re telling

    I also finished two point campus & got the 3 stars on each school. It was a fun game with all the different classes & stuff like the jousting & the cheese throwing game

    I’ve moved on to the Disney Dreamlight Valley game now & am fishing with Goofy & Moana. Apparently Scar & Woody from Toy Story are coming to the game in the fall updates.

    Cheers for the shows you put out


  2. Felix

    Hi Y’all, Felix here, gonna keep it shorter cuz ya boi is currently, thankfully busy as hell with work (it’s a fun one lol). Enjoyed last episode as usual and guests were on point as always haha.

    First of all, really disappointed at what’s happening with the old republic remake. I really wish companies would not announce stuff until they actually have stuff to show because the amount of trailers and reveals with zero gameplay we see these days is wild.

    Next up, y’all i could not inhale cyberpunk edgerunners on netflix fast enough! id already finised bingeing it 3 hours after it came out lol. that show was insane. even though trigger kinda didn’t go as hard for the last few episodes they still had their cool moments. its one of the best looking modern shows in a while. its crazy just seeing a show thats competantly made with a few rough edges becase theyre becoming more of a rarity these days. the story in my opinion was not exactly the flavour of cyberpunk i love but ill take what i can get because the other options out there are straight trash man (looking at the cg netflix ghost in the shell series). I only wish anime fans werent so fucking predictable and didnt all unanimously latched onto the little girl looking character bruh. when Lucy and Dorio exist theres no excuse for the amount of fanart there is of the little girl already.

    lastly, my god, have yall seen whats been happening on twitch the last week? shit is wild man, seeing multiple streamers i occasionally enjoy (outside my crush hasan) turn out to be either creeps or deranged lunatics is frightening. the one guy who was a gambling addict that scammed other streamers and viewers of $300k+ over the last couple years that he lost to his addiction was wild enough but seeing others use covered up sexual assault allegations like pokemon againts people they dislike was another level of messed up. the wildest was seeing hasan and pokimane being gaslit live in front of 300k people to apologise to one of the victims for being intially confused about all this coming to light while the actual assaulter has had only a fraction of the hate poki and hasan got just for being confused for 30 seconds then saying they will wait for more info before talking about that stuff. its felt like a fever dream the last week, one thats ongoing because the twists and turns have not stopped and new updates happened just in the last few hours.

    really makes me appreciate going back and listening to podcasts like yours with functioning adults who have common sense. Anyway love yall felix out haha. sheesh … hahaha


    Hey lovely people. I played a ton of the old TMNT compilation over the past weekend. Thank God for the rewind feature, because I would’ve never beaten the NES TMNT game, which didn’t age well. Not just graphically but in enemy placement. I haven’t thrown a controller at a wall since Injustice 1, but yo, today’s young gamers would’ve went through loads of controllers. It’s been nice to relive other games in the Konami-TMNT legacy. Genesis Tournament fighters isn’t good but the Arcade games of TMNT and Turtles In Time (which might be even better on SNES) hold up well. The Game Boy games are fine, but not much more. Anyway, take it easy.

  4. SheetRock215

    What’s good chooms,

    It sucks to see Rings of Power getting review bombed. It’s such a great and beautiful show. Watching this on a big OLED screen makes my eyes water and I mean that as a very high compliment. The score is nothing to ignore either. There is a song I’ve been listening on repeat when a certain character is about to go to Valinor. Rings of Power definitely should not be slept on.

    I also just finished Cyberpunk: Edgerunners on Netflix and I loved it! Even though you don’t need any prior knowledge from the game, this anime does a great job fleshing out that world with sci-fi concepts, it’s own history, and lingo (“choom” is like saying “buddy” haha). I definitely recommend it if you’re a fan of anime, the game, or both.

    Finally (please don’t judge me lol) I got a chance to play and beat The Last of Us Part 1(2022 version). Even though this is an almost 10 year old game and the plot has been a part of gaming culture, I can say this is what they say it’s cracked up to be. I’m not one for horror games usually but this is one of those experiences you should try if you’re a gaming afficianado (or game-ollier, I just made that up but y’all can take it lol.) This game did make me consider a question for Rod, Karen and guests:

    Who is the better dad? Joel from TLOU or Kratos from God of War?

    That’s it. I always enjoy TNO. It’s preem.


    • SheetRock215


      Star Wars Andor is on track to be one of the greatest pieces of Star Wars visual media ever! The Rogue One supremacy continues!

  5. athom023

    Hey y’all,

    If y’all were looking at the Playstation State of Play and any other gaming events that recently passed, which games are your most anticipated? I’m excited for Tekken 8 babyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

    Also, since Naughty Dog completely remade the last of us, can we get the next Last of multiplayer game? That’s all i really want now lol.

  6. RoninRaphael

    Salutations fabulous people,

    I am so glad to hear that I’m not alone in wandering wtf is or how does Discord work. I got it because patreon recommended that I did, and I wish I didn’t cause it’s not my thing. Big ups to everyone who it works for.

    I enjoyed the new Lord of Rings show to my surprise, I didn’t go in with any expectations so was impressed by what I’ve seen so far.

    She-Hulk is making me fall in love every week. All the CGI complainers evolved into something else as soon as the show started. I love the clapback from the show, I’m a simple man, I see a twerking involving Megan Thee Stallion and I forget the rest of my points. I love it!!!

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