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2601: Plan Tea

Rod and Karen recap HBO’s “House Of The Dragon.”

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  1. Sean

    Wow, so much not-quite-consensual sex in this episode! Daemon tries to cash in on the grooming that we saw a snippet of in episode 1, MoniCole Cristonsky gets the Clinton treatment by Rhaenyra, and Queen Alicent gets summoned for her royal duty… I mean damn!

    Anyway, Rhaenyra does do her job well when she does it. She chose the best candidate for the King’s Guard. She ended the conflict in Dragonstone without bloodshed, and she has rarely been wrong when speaking up at meetings of the small council. I think y’all are not giving her the credit she deserves. I mean the only duty she hasn’t been able to pull off is choosing from dozens of men her are, lets face it, her intellectual inferiors who will likely try to usurp her power. Has there been a suitor worthy of the high value Princess who she is?

    Also, for historical perspective, Queen Elizabeth I made a similar decision to Dhaenyra, that her throne would be more secure without getting married.

  2. LaKeta Chism-Williams

    Full Disclosure: I only know the story from the mouths of Lord Rodimus & Lady K-Killa. Per the poll, I feel worse for Alicent RIGHT NOW. But I have a feeling that wont always be the case. People get TIRED & she’s human. So, we’ll see.

  3. Mike

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    I feel worse for Alicent and it’s not close. She’s just trying to make the best of things while everyone treats her like a pawn. I wouldn’t even blame her for making a heel turn and becoming whatever Twitter thinks she already is.

    But Rhaenyra? With her Trump-like “No princess has eve been treated as unfairly as I have” attitude. She has her father’s knack for driving away allies without his kind-hearted motivations. She has Daemon’s love for creating chaos but not his strategy to turn the chaos to a benefit.

    Rhaenyra used a trip to find a husband as a chance to insult every potential political ally to their faces! And she’s still going to be shocked if not all of them have her back later. I just want her to understand the game and learn to play better like problematic fave Daemon.

    Though I too am a good person who condemns all the bad things and supports all the good things.

    Thanks for your recaps!


  4. EvieE

    I felt sorry for Alicent being underneath that old ass king with his back herpes. That was grosser than Daemon and Rhaenyra.

    Rhaenyra went from riding dragons to riding that dick. Good for her.

  5. DrUzo82

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    I don’t comment much, but I cannot tell you the way I both cringe and cackle even reading the titles of these recap episodes! Blues Clues and Chill?! Plan Tea?! House Jackson stays bringing that dragonfire in these recap streets!!
    Otto showed why you can’t be both the Master of whispers AND hand of the King. His ol’ checkers playing self got outmaneuvered by a 19 year old and now he’s left his little girl alone (yes, I voted for Alicent in the poll).

    Love the show!

  6. bamil73

    Hey KRod

    At the top of the episode you were like “we don’t condone incest” and I was like “woooow, way to get judgemental”. Next you’ll be expressing disdain at indiscriminately scorching niggas with dragon fire.


    P.S. Needless to say, I’m kidding
    P.P.S Am I though?
    P.P.P.S. I am actually fucking with y’all
    P.P.P.P.S. I do like dragonfire though

  7. bamil73

    Hello K.Rod/RodRen

    At the top of the episode you were like, “we don’t condone the incest” and I was like “woooow, so judgmental”. I thought I knew you niggas. Next you’ll be saying you’re firmly against indiscriminately burning niggas up with dragon-fire, but do you.

    P.S. Needless to say I’m kidding

    P.P.S. Am I though?

    P.P.PS. Seriously, I am kidding.

    P.P.P.P.S. Well actually I do like dragon-fire

  8. logan2x1

    Hey y’all,
    First, thank you for being your hilarious selves. I knew y’all would give me the laughs I needed to process this episode. Second, I did leave emails about this episode, I usually write one right after watching. I’m not doing that anymore. It’s probably going to get more fucked up from here and I should just wait until y’all and black Twitter get some good memes going before I write in. So, if you don’t want to read them I understand.
    Y’all are the best,

    • logan2x1

      I take what I said back, this isn’t the worst episode. It’s the most shocking episode for me so far. Again I appreciate y’all’s humor and take on this show.

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