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2600: Insurrection Barbie

Rod and Karen discuss LGBTQ News, GOP wants national abortion ban, airlines under federal investigation, woman sues San Fran PD for using her DNA from a sexual assault kit, 9/11 themed restaurant menu, election news, GOP challenger calls candidates chimps, BYU found no racism, Black student told to cut hair or leave school, BK judge was wilding at work, father son team beat up man at wedding reception, Florida condo president hid spy camera, assistant principal helps daughter steal homecoming votes and sword ratchetness.

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  1. ApiafromGermany

    Now I’m afraid I’ll finally be thrown out here.

    I never had dreads. But I had a white friend who had them when I was a teenager and I admidered her for being the coolest as I thought at that time. Close enough.

  2. ApiafromGermany

    I have the obvious solution to help the 14 year old with dreadlocks.

    More white people should wear dreadlocks to ” white-normalize” it.
    I’m sure everyone will be on board and noone would have something bad to say.

    Just in case, this was a joke. Everyone dislikes a white person with dreadlocks.
    That’s something every ethnicity seems to agree on.

  3. MiztahJ

    Honestly, the 9/11 menu sounds delicious. The names could use work, but I’m here for the oysters and Remembertini. It sounds like key lime pie in a glass. Sorry, I’m horrible

  4. ApiafromGermany

    My children seem to ok with heir assignment gender for now but we try not to push them too much in the traditional directions but to support them in their interests.
    I wonder what they will complain about in therapy one day!

  5. RamseyDeeJenkins

    I give five Stars for Rod’s re-enactment in a Southern accent. Five Stars because Marin chose violence#InsurrectionBarbie
    Marin Morris is an ALLY! In 2017, she started the Heroes Fund, which raises money for music education in public schools. In 2021, she donated $300K to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. She also supports Feed Nashville, which raises $450K.

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