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2599: A First Class Mayor

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, Aries Spears cries, Jeff Bezos vs Professor, Nicki Minaj goes after Garcelle Beauvais, PnB Rock shot in LA, Blonde 14 minute standing ovation,  Multiversus has to remove Velma’s special move, NY clergy got kickbacks for sale of Black churches, New Orleans Mayor and sword ratchetness.

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Can a Black woman fly safely outside of first class?



  1. LaKeta Chism-Williams

    A black woman can fly safely in coach – my broke ass do it all the time! HOWEVER, is there a such thing as “too safe”? Absolutely not! The way the GOP been gettin down, hell, I fear for MY life, and I ain’t a black politician! In conclusion, I think she needs TPS out here advising her moves, lmao

  2. pretty tomboy

    Hey fam! I just wanna say thank you for the coronavirus segment. I live in mexico city and I had no idea that new boost was out so I appreciate your updates. By the way, mexico does not play with Ms Corona. Most people wear their mask outside, inside is a requirement and sanitizer is given freely. Even with that I know I need to use my american priveledge and go back to get my shot. I dont want the russian juice. the only time I’ve heard of anyone having a problem with the rules it was (wait for it) a white man in a restaurant that fought against wearing his mask and demanded english. He was kicked out but still, the audacity.

    love yall!

  3. EvieE

    I honestly haven’t heard Aries Spears name a whole lot since mad tv. I’m sure he’s had gigs here and there but I’m not sure what career he’s crying about. He should have kept Lizzo’s name out his mouth. Sorry to this man.

    Nicki Minaj has a scary fan base. Who doxes stalks and harasses people and she encourages it. But the internet is a fickle place. People love you one moment and turn on you in a blink of an eye. I’d be concerned if I was her but as old black grandmas say, hard heads make soft behinds.

  4. logan2x1

    You know Black women are the most disrespected group in America. That’s why we have to fly first class. Karen should only be flying in the most roomy and plush of airplane seats. Josephine Baker and Eartha Kitt experienced disrespect and danger in America; they found refuge in France as well. Karen, make sure Rod puts you and his mom on the next first class flight to Paris if you’re ever feeling unsafe.
    Protect Black women, first class only.


  5. bamil73

    What up my Akatas

    That’s right, I’m taking it back even though technically, slaves in Jamaica weren’t cotton pickers because we were cutting that sugar cane. The inter-diasporic disdain is as old as the hills. When my mom was studying nursing in the 60’s in Scotland she said that when the West Africans wanted to be insulting, they would refer to the West Indians as “sons of slaves”. Needless to say, the disparaging comments went both ways.

    Canada’s federal government has declared a national holiday on Sep 19 to mourn the queen on the day of her funeral. In solidarity with Uju Anyu and the former English footballer Trevor Sinclair, who was fired from his TV gig because of an anti-royal tweet, I am going to go to work even though its a holiday. I’m kidding of course. I’m not that ideologically pure.


  6. AbsintheMinded

    I learned the term akata from Sugar Hill starring Wesley Pipes and Michael Wright. Here is a link to the scene.


  7. ApiafromGermany

    I checked Wikipedia:
    LaToya Cantrell (née Wilder; born April 3, 1972) is an American politician serving as the Mayor of New Orleans, Louisiana since May 7, 2018.

  8. ApiafromGermany

    I’m not a fan of the queen or the monarchy I’m in fact very suspicious about them and the orgin of their wealth.
    Still I wouldn’t wish a painful death on anyone. Not even I the one bad boyfriend I had in 2001. Maybe that he steps on a Lego barefoot everyday.
    What for? This will not bring anything back.

    • ApiafromGermany

      If you wonder now if I compared centuries of colonization to one bad boyfriend I say:
      Only if you think it was funny.
      Otherwise I was insensitive and of course racist somehow.

  9. earnestdotcom

    This first class mayor business sounds like a great advertisement for Zoom and DocuSign.

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